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So I've always wanted to have implants bc my boobs...

So I've always wanted to have implants bc my boobs we're alittle lower than usually and also saggy, I guess due to weigh loss and gain. So I decided to get 375cc saline implants under the muscle. I was a 38C and now im a 38D.They look great except for my left boob, I can see the implant behind my breast. Will this go away with massaging?? Or is it still to early?

Congratulations! What finally prompted you to get your implants? How did your recovery go the first few days? A visit to your PS might be worth it just to make sure your left breast is healing correctly. Take care and keep us posted!

Hi, from your pictures, I think you may have a complication commonly known as "double bubble" (google it) unfortunately it is not correctable through massage and requires another surgery. You should talk to your PS asap.
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