Saline: Safe but Not As Life-like

I had saline breast implants fourteen years ago....

I had saline breast implants fourteen years ago. At that time there was a silicone scare and saline was the only answer at that time. I wished that I had waited for silicone. I have always had the "ripple-effect", but worse so as you age. I also believe that the saline leaks out in some kind of way either by gradually leaking out as years go by or by evaporation in some mysterious way. I also believe that they get heavier as your skin starts to loose its elasticity and they look droopier than the silicone. I'm not a full C cup as I used to be.

Implants are not lifetime device's they do need to be touched up from time to time.
Well, implants do have a life. So, technically they are supposed to be replaced after 10-15 years. So, if mine are good for that long, I'd be happy with that. I've had saline for a year now and am very happy with them. Everything breaks down over time, so I think you have to go into surgery with that in mind. Nothing lasts forever- and 15 years is pretty good.
I had saline thru the belly button when I was 35. My saline shrunk as well,and just content but not happy anymore. Now at age 50 I just had the silicone, and am a nice D...they heavier than saline but the fullness may make you happier!
Dr. McClintock

He was very reasonable at that time. He is retired now. I was very happy with them when I first got them. I looked like a true Barbie doll. Not so much now 14 years later. Everyone says they look fine, but I am the one that has to be happy.

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