52 Year Old with Beautiful Eyes but Uneven Bags Underneath. - Salinas, CA

I had a doctor who touted himself as an expert in...

i had a doctor who touted himself as an expert in the field of asian blepharoplasty.
told me he knew exactlhy what he was doing....i asked him if he could revise a prior surgery where i had residual fat pockets under my eyes and he said he would reposition the fat pads so that it looked smoother and better and would fill in the hollows beneath my eyes.simple right?lower lids only...i got rushed through the system so fast they had already,that day took a deposit for the surgery and sent me home.the next day i called them because i decided i was uncomfortable by the way this doctor had treated me,more like a cadaver/science experience than a human being.so i called and the receptionast told me that the check was cashed,office policy she says...now although unsure,i go to two pre ops where he says look up look down a hundred times but never really treats me as anything but an irritating cadaver.gives me no tests asks me for no tests from my doctor and books my surgery for a few weeks away.the day of surgery im a wreck but how hard could it be....lower lids only he says he will not change the shape of my beautiful eyes.as soon as the postop rolled around and he realized how bad it look he told his staff that he did not wish to schedule anymore appointments with me unless i insisted...i recorded all of my meetings so i would not forget and that is what she told me.so i went home,looking horrible,but i knew if i just hung in there for a couple months my beautiful eyes would come back minus the bags...i kept telling myself that it is just swelling and the freaky strangly sewnup eyes wouild become large and beautiful again and why was the insides of my lower lid pulled up so high and i can feel ridges of skin inside and i look so strange...so i schedule a post op because he is not doing it and he looks at me
and says,look up,look down,look left.look right,and continues to write in his computer.he then tells me i am healing nicely and let him know how im doing in 6 months or so.

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coming up on 1 year

occuplastic surgeon ruined my beautiful eyes.
treated me badly, and as time goes on i now have the dreaded ectropion that he overcorrected and ruined my beautiful eyes for in the first place....congratulations Doctor God Complex,you have ruined my beautiful eyes,ruined my future as an environmental advocate ,and F@#$%cked me financially as i am now seeking another revisional surgery to your bad work....photos of my eyes overhead...thanks for the ectropion

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WOW! So sorry to hear about this horrific experience!! Seems you should change the "not sure" rating to "not worth it." Needless to say, be sure not to return to this PS for your revision -- quite a moron, indeed!! Please let us know when you decide on a date or time frame to get it corrected. My prayers go out to you for resolution, and to lift your spirit. :-)
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I'm sorry you didn't get the results you wanted.  When are you looking to do a revision?
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right before i had surgery with this terrible doctor.

i had my surgery on February 19th of last year
this is my drivers license photo taken right before i had this occuplastic surgeon
perform(if i should even use those words)the lower lid blepharoplasty on me.
destroyed my beauty

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full license showing date before

is there anything i can do?

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photo of the day after surgery

look at the way this doctor stitched up my eyes.what kind of idiot who is an expert in asian eyes wouls sew someones eyes down like this.
he should NOT be allowed to do this to anyone anymore.
how dare he do this to me AND i trusted him and PAID for this.
my lower blink doesnt even work.can this be legal.he is still touting himself as an EXPERT has his little booklet of people i am sure he has not done a great job on.where is our recourse?
how can someone get away with this and doesnt even feel badly?
is he a woman hater?

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horrible attempt


I m in d sane boat .. Much more hallownesss after repositioning its all lie.. Creating unnnessary suffering to the delicate area undereye.. How r u goin nw darl??
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I re-visited the realself website again -- yes, I'm obsessing for my upcoming surgery! -- and came across "colleensmail." Are you one and the same? If so, perhaps jill81 (community manager) can help you consolidate your blog into one. The colleensmail blog provides a lot of background and is very, very powerful. I was really struck by how you went from being so excited to having dr. bernadino perform your surgery, and how, it wasn't until the very, very end that you began to lose your trust in him. Also, in the "colleensmail" blog, you CLEARLY see the HUGE pre- and post-difference in your eyes -- it's not so evident in this blog (except the first two photos with the ectropion). So, just to be clear -- did the first PS in Guadalajara do the upper lids? And then Dr. Bernadino did the lower lids on 2/19/2013, and then revised that job on 9/23/2013? Is this the right sequence of events? So, with the revision you're looking to do, would you get both the upper and lower eyes done? Is it even possible to do the lower lids for a third time (possibly fourth if they were done by the Guadalajara PS)? WOW -- what a journey you've been through! I still stand by my previous comments -- you are a beautiful, and I am going to pray for you that you WILL get this resolved, so you can be happy with your face once again! Be positive and stay blessed! :-)
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thank you joejah peach for your response i appreciate you at least replying to my blog at all i guess most people see bad results and do not know what to say they cannot say things like,oh,you still look nice or it may get better or what ever because it doesnt and it wont but really,us patients who have horrible results and vent on realself are just venting because they are hurting and looking for support from other patients who have had bad results or have been mistreated by either incompetent or inexperienced doctors such as in my case. we only want validation as you have done for me and i appreciate it. the silence from my fellow real selfers hurts most of all./ i would rather have someone tell me how bad the outcome was than no feedback at all. xoxo

1 year update

this past year has had to be the most traumatic time of my entire life.
i had this surgery on 02/19/2013
a year and 7 days ago.
this occuplastic surgeon destroyed my face(my beautiful eyes)
left me old sunken disfigured and broke.
i went to see the local plastic surgeon he referred me to(of course i knew because they were friends he would dismiss me)yesterday.
i had a few appointments with him but kept rescheduling because i felt he would do so and finally wrote his secretary letting her know how i felt.
she wrote me back and reassured me that would not be the case and so i went.
my appointment was at 2:30 ,he looked at me and told me,oh its not that bad,(it is VERY VERY bad)i would have been better off having a pizza cutter operate on me.if someone did not know me they would not notice.did not give me any advice other than to tell me to get some filler and have a nice day.please pay 140 for the consult.sorry about your luck.
this is a terrible thing to happen to someone and then i come home feeling sick to my stomache and my husband opens up the paper to a full page ad for the occuplastic surgeon who did this to me..
yes,this occuplastic surgeon is an expert,he has had a lot of experience,he is actually getting experience right now.wouldnt you like to look like me?every day,i look worse and worse,i get at first the eyelid tissue is able to somewhat retain a little tiny bit of the original look that nature has given you but as time goes on the tissue heals into the bad bad job your surgeon has done and that is that.
also in addition to a horrible job of restitching my lower lids back together,his attempt at redistributing and burning up the fat pads under my eyes has left me with a hollowed out and skeletonized appearence and bunched up fat pads on the sides of my eyes.
he cut on the inside of my eyes and then sewed them back together wrong...see photo of left eye...most prominent.day by day though,my ectropion gets worse...


I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. I know how tormenting it is to see your face look so different, I'm going through something really hard myself. I hope you find a doctor who can make it right again...or at least repair some of the damage that this surgeon did on your eyes. Big hugs. And just so you know....you still look beautiful. We are often our worst critics...please know that you're not alone. Sending you positive energy and support.
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so depressed and ugly

there could not have been a more horrible outcome than what this doctor did to me
it appears that he also did some sort of epicanthoplasty or some procedure that he had no business or experience with and he destroyed my once beautiful eyes.
i have had to go through so much just to find out some of what this doctor had done to me as he has not had the balls enough to own up to his mistakes or even felt bad about ruining my life and stripping my face of my youth and my beauty.
i know he reads these blogs,he told me so.
man up and do the right thing
i am now referred to someone who is a respected referral only surgeon who has many decades of experience and is not affiliated with the person who has done this to me in any way.


I feel so sad reading this. I had a upper and lower bleph done back in 2008, and my eyes have been uneven since then and it makes me horribly self-conscious. We got these surgeries done to enhance our beauty, not make us look strange! I am finally going to get a consult from a very wonderful eye surgeon here this upcoming Friday, so, I will get his advice and perhaps finally get this corrected.
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i think my doc was/is inexperienced and was experimenting on me.i would appreciate your responce

picture the night before this doctor butchered my eyes and the last appointment with him after

these are both taken with the same camera the night before this man experimented on my beautiful eyes and 1 year after at his office


I think you are still very beautiful. I'm sorry you are going through all this pain and sorrow. I understand how devastating bad eyelid surgery can be - been very depressed over my outcome. Could you please private message me the name of your surgeon?
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What is your doctor's name?
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As Marathon Mom has suggested you may have dry eye symptoms, in which case I believe some special medication (eye drops) may be needed. Either way, I'd get shot of this doc and look for a reputable oculoplast on the American Board website and have them take care of you from now on.
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hessa moron

i think i should put the real name of this doctor on this profile also he mutilated my beautiful eyes and ran off like a little boy i think he is a very bad person

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