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Hi, I used accutane 2 years ago and has been the...

Hi, I used accutane 2 years ago and has been the best medication to clear my skin. I had teen acne and when I turned 30 I got cystic acne. I had very little side effect's dry lips and dry skin and toward the last month aches. My daughter who is now 171/2 is getting blood testing to start accutane herself. I'm 99% happy with the result's I had. I'm hoping my daughter does too! My doctor once told me accutane does not cause depression ! Bad acne does! Who want's to look in the mirror and look at a face full of acne? Nobody does.. That is the most depressing situation a teen & adult.

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Yeah, that is an interesting perspective. We all contemplate the side effects of the Accutane, but we don't really voice the "side effects" of the acne. I always like it when something is pointed out in a way that makes me view it differently, so thanks for sharing what your doctor told you once.

I hope all goes great if your daughter is a candidate for Accutane!

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