I'm Not Sure Yet, but I Hope So!

After 10 years of acne and numerous attempts to...

After 10 years of acne and numerous attempts to tame my face I am on what I call my last resort. I only heard about accutane around 3 years ago, but it took me those 3 years to finally give it a go. I am 6 weeks in and I am not not pleased. I just can't say yet. I hope it will be worth the financial and physical/mental costs.

The biggest piece of advice I can give right now is to make sure that you are truly ready to try accutane and you have exhausted all other options, because it can be scary when you start out. Its a commitment; with blood tests, doctors appointments, side effects, and remembering to take the pill (& getting it out of the stupid package).

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Good luck!

ps cost is 50 per month (including medicine, appts, and blood tests)
Hi- I haven't had any abnormal signs of depression. I have had some mood swings, pms level; and I had some strong urges to cry at really happy or sad things. But those were short-lived, easily controllable, and kind of funny. No depression though. I'm starting up a blog if you have anymore questions!
Hi! How is your mental health whilst on the drug? Have you noticed feeling down or any other negative moods that would not be normal for you?
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