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a good thing! - St. Louis, MO

As a middle-aged woman, my cheeks were losing...

As a middle-aged woman, my cheeks were losing volume, one side more than the other. The Radiesse in my cheeks makes me look and feel younger and healthier. I no longer feel queasy when I look in a mirror. I now like what I see. If the Radiesse lasts for a year, as it is supposed to, I believe it was totally worth it!


I had minor bruising and swelling for about a day and a half. However, I just covered it with make-up and cover stick and went about my normal routine. Not one person asked what "happened" to my face. I am very thankful that there was no down time.
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That is wonderful to hear that you like the Radiesse so much!

I know some people have bruising or swelling for a little bit after the injections, how was that for you?

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