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I started running a few years ago. Found out I...

I started running a few years ago. Found out I like it and was able to lose weight and maintain the weight loss. However, my boobs got lost too. My belly jiggle decided to stay though. I went through the process of interviewing PS and found Dr Kofkoff through a friend who had implants done for the same reason. He is very informative and lets me (and my husband) waste his day away with questions and concerns. My surgery date is coming up and my mind is a maze that I can't seem to get through. I am obviously nesting at home and not even that seems to help. I'm flustered, scared, nervous, giddy, second guessing and tired of waiting already!

I have a consult with him next Tuesday.. For MM/ bl with implants lipo to hips and flanks
Do you have pics of your results?
Hi. Please let me know how things go with your mommy makeover. I have not scheduled any consults yet but Dr. Kofkoff is one on my list. I also keep hearing alot about Dr. Prada. Anyone out there have either one of these Docs for their mommy makeovers? Good luck and I hope you have a great recovery!
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