Large Applicator Vs. Small Applicator For Lower Abdomen - Saint Louis, MO

I had Coolsculpting on my lower abdomen three days...

I had Coolsculpting on my lower abdomen three days ago. Unlike the posts I've read today, my doctor used the smaller applicator on each side of my lower abdomen for a total of two hours. After the applicator was removed on each side, I had intense burning for about 10 minutes. I have minor swelling and no bruising. My abdomen is mildly sore with slight tingling. I am concerned that I won't have a good result. Has anyone else had my experience with the smaller applicator? If so, what was your result?

I'm going in next week and I need two small applicators on my stomach (the large one is too large as I'm quite narrow). How were your results?
How are your results?
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