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Hey Ladies :). I'm 20 live in St. Louis, Mo. I...

Hey Ladies :). I'm 20 live in St. Louis, Mo. I want to and have been considering having a bbl for sometime after seeing different reviews and great results. Seeing Dr. Salama's, Dr. Jimmerson and a few out in the Dominican Republic motivates me that it will be a good turn out.

I am on the other hand soooo nervous on getting it done from the pain and comfort. Just wanting it to turn out right with no health problems. Hopefully some of the bbl sisters can tell me and help me out :(

Hey girl, follow me on my journey. I'm having my BBL in 4 days w/Dr Jimerson.
well wishes...Dr. J does nice work 8)

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

Have you had any consultations yet or narrowed it down to a few specific doctors?


I decided to go with Dr. J and schedule a...

I decided to go with Dr. J and schedule a consultation. When I called I fount out I would have to wait until November just to get it, which is great plenty of time to prepare myself for everything that you all go through and save my money for the fees. I'm sooo excited about it :).
Congrats sistah!..we're from the same havn my bbl with Salama in march...u have also chosen a great dr. Keep us posted of your journey!
Ok. I will follow you on yours too. Good luck!!
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