Painful and Pricy

These treatments are torture. I have had...

These treatments are torture. I have had electrolysis and other procedures done. By far IPL is the most painful. Results were fair at best. I switched to a plastic surgeon's office who prescribed a skin regimen (facial washes plus some creams to slough off dead skin) called Obagi. The Obagi system is a fraction of the cost of IPL with 10 times the results. And no pain!


I am going to have to agree with you, I too feel that topicals are safer and more effective in the long run than IPL! 
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Sorry the IPL wasn't what you had hoped. Its great that you found a skin care line that can deliver the results you want though. Do you mind me asking what the system costs?

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I think around $200 to start and it lasts a long time!
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