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I am 35 years old with 3 children,(16, 9, and 7...

I am 35 years old with 3 children,(16, 9, and 7 years of age), I would not consider myself to be vain but I do want to look nice in my clothes and feel good about myself.

I am scheduled to have FTT, Muscle Repair, Hernia Repair and Lipo to the Hips/Flanks, I am approx. 5'6", 165 lbs, I've lost 20 lbs since July 2010 and all of the diet and exercise will not help tighten my stretched out loose skin, so with a lot of thought I've scheduled a Tummy Tuck, my big day is March 15, 2011.

I have literally panicked over the thought of going under general anesthesia and the possibility of not coming out...After I panicked about that, I panicked about being intubated...

My PS is board certified and I KNOW he takes pride in his work, I just cant get over being under. I know that there are risk with practically everything you do, but I need to have peace.

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sooo where have you been? everything OK?!
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Pitts1, Hey there, for the most part everything is okay, today I've walked straighter than I have in almost 3 weeks, I also had another follow up appt today and the PS told me I have I wound where he did the hernia repair, I figured something was going on because it drains/leaks, he just instructed me to keep it dry. The incision is doing great and I really don't have any pain, I'm just ready to get back into the gym but I get so winded walking from here to there until I think the gym would wear me out, so I've decided to wait until the 6 wk mark.

Is everything okay with you? Do you have swelling or anything going on?
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I had my pre op appointment yesterday and the PS confirmed that yes, I will be intubated but they will use the LMA intubation, which is nothing like the tradtional intubation (whew), he also guaranteed me I have nothing to worry about, I will wake up after the general anesthesia, he has never lost a patient, WHAT A RELIEF!!! I went a got my RX's filled, bought some safeguard anti-bacterial soap, I now need to figure out what to wear that will look fashionable, lol! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY THIS MONTH
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HI Saint Louis :)
Pittsburgh1 is on your same day and I'm the day before. March 14. Lets keep in touch!
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This is the thing that I am so nervous about . . the anesthesia and them sticking a long tube down my throat to help me breathe. I would be more at ease knowing they use a mask though for sure.
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You really do not have anything to worry about with this.  You are under when they do all of this so you have no knowledge that it ever happened. 

I have had several surgeries and never had any trouble at all.  The do put a mask on your face to start and then in about two seconds you are out.  The next thing you remember is waking up after surgery. 
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Farz, the mask thing is referred to as an ILMA (I forget what that stands for) it has a smaller tube that sits in your pharynx which isn't as far down rather than the long tube down your trachea. Either way is safe, but when they take the shorter one out (ILMA) it doesn't scratch your throat or make you cough. It's also used on shorter surgeries, rather than long so it depends on how much you are having done. I was under 2 1/2 hours. I didn't know I wouldn't be intubated until just before surgery, so it was a pleasant surprise, but you could probably call the anesth. office ahead of time and ask what they will do. Good Luck, all will be well whichever way they do it.
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You will do just fine.  It is very safe to be put under and they monitor everything in the OR.  It is safer to be put under than it is to drive to work.  Although it is normal to be afraid of this before surgery.

Try to focus on the new body you will end up with.  That will keep your mind busy and going in the right direction.

Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.
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SaintLouis, I had the same fears about anesthesia, LOTS of people on here have that fear. I was worried about intubated also and as it turns out that is not very common these days. You will need to ask how your anesthesiologist does it, but I had something like an oxygen mask put over my face and actually breathed on my own. I'm sorry I forgot what they called it, but it is considered the norm now for putting patients under. It is scary, but as your date gets closer you will be less scared and more excited. Best wishes on your surgery and recovery!
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