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Ulthera at Absolute Clinic Bangkok Thailand - Saim Squar, Bangkok

After 90 days i have no positive results. The...

After 90 days i have no positive results. The doctor said i will see results in 30 days. Now 100 days and still no reults.

Chatchai Pruksapong

I had Ultherea treatment at Absolute Beauty Clinic in Bangcock by Dr. Chatchai Pruksapong. He is ownewr of the clinic and surgen at Samitytyivaj Hospital. I waisted $2500 USD. His clinic will not return my calls.

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Thank you for the comment. I have been researching beauty clinics in Thailand and this helps so much.
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Incredible. They should compare before and after pictures, and if you had no results offer to do another treatment, in my opinion. They may not have used the right settings, and sometimes they turn it down to accomodate the patients tolerance. There are other factors in play...still they should try to make it right.
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I can understand why you would be upset if you weren't seeing any results. Do you have a before picture that you could post as well? It would be really helpful to see. :)

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