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The pain was not bad even though I requested the...

The pain was not bad even though I requested the doctor to use the highest setting available. I am a physician and thought the dermatologist I saw for the procedure would be honest with me. He assured me that it did work and that I was a perfect candidate.

It has been about 3 months, which was the time he gave to see initial results. Sadly I have to report that it was a total waste of my hard earned money. I am very disappointed and feel lied to. Please do not spend money on this. I should have listened to my regular Dermatologist who told me it was complete BS. At least she was honest with me!

Hi KeshaM, I am sorry that your pains and your money brought no visible result. Did you smile into a mirror and have no MORE laughter folds noticed? This seems funny but this would be a sign of tightening...
I am 36 years of age and had Thermage done to my face and eyes approximately one year and three months ago, but to date, my face remains the same as it did before Thermage. I am very disappointed to say the least. One year 3 months I am still paying off the loan to do this procedure. I will not recommend Thermage to my worst enemy.
Hi Smusher, 3 months are not for a very long time. I recommend to take photos all 2 months and to check your weight. As a man I noticed significant (negative) changes starting only after 9 months. The words honesty or responsibility seems to be foreign words. My wife did not resist so for a long time the rf of Thermage and suffered her fat loss soon. Confidence was the size error of our life.

Ok, I have to say, my initial review was very...

Ok, I have to say, my initial review was very negative.  Now it has been 6 months since my thermage and I do see slight improvement in my face..my skin looks nicer and slightly firmer.  My neck, however, looks exactlyl the same.  So I would have to revise my review and give it partial thumbs up!

I am ambivalent about Thermage. My doctor recommended it as a complement to a lifestyle lift I did Jan 2009. On March 2009, this other doctor recommended it with a pitch of "it will show the contour of your face more" and I was told that the results will be on the 6th month for the collagen underneath to do its work. So I had her do it in combination with a Fraxel peel - thermage for underneath skin, Fraxel for top. This was my second Fraxel peel, whose results I like. So this is the 9th month since I had my Thermage. I can state that when I look at my photos, my face looks more angular. And my friends who were with me when I did it, when they see my photos online tell me how young I look. I am 55, Asian and looking at my photos, I look much younger than my age. I think it is really difficult to see if Thermage works because it works from underneath your skin and the result being a more radiant and "contoured" face. If you like to see my photo,you can see it on my blog. http://9sampagitas.blogspot.com I assure you I am 55 years old. And my face was a disaster before 2008 as I had some bone loss on my upper jaw on my right side. A doctor in the same practice where I had my Thermage "harvested" fat from my under-arm and injected it onto the "dent" She then liposuctioned the left side of my face to give it a more balanced look. Then I had the jowls taken care of with a lifestyle lift (USA) and the Thermage (Asia). Of the these procedures, I deem the Thermage as the one that was costly with a result that I really cannot put my hands on. I cannot attest to a dramatic result because I think it is the combination of all that I did that gave me the results I have today, which I like. It cost over $2500 to do the Thermage even in Asia. My doctor said I should do it every two years. I do not think I will. When I told my botox doc (USA) that I did it, he told me that he used to offer Thermage but he stopped because "it does not work."
New York Dermatologist

This is completely a money making scheme.

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