Had Vaser & "Dog Ear" Scar Revision 5 Years Post-tummy Tuck

Had Vaser lipo on 2/12/10 (5 days ago) and still...

Had Vaser lipo on 2/12/10 (5 days ago) and still in pretty bad pain, looking to share my experience with others. Background, I'm 29, male, 5'8", 195.lbs, 34"w, thick build. Once weighed 310.lbs, 44"w, lost it all & kept it off for years, then had a full tummy tuck about 5 years ago. Unfortunately, they didn't get it all, front was flat but I was left with BAD love handles aka "dog ears". I finally decided on Vaser lipo and a scar revision to get rid of the dog ears.

On Friday, my surgeon did lipo to my flanks, back, abs, and also the scar revision. The incision to each side is much larger than I expected, about 11" on each side and WOW, does it hurt!

I had the surgery on a Friday and was told I could return back to work by Tues, didn't happen. I went into my office today (Wed) but only made it 2 hrs. They gave me Norco and Valium for the pain, which has worked well but has caused me to do nothing but sleep. I stopped those meds this morning and tried to get by with just Tylenol, not working too well.

My muscles feel tight where the incision is. Feels like its stretching or perhaps ripping (which I know it's not, it just feels that way), maybe it's just the compression garment causing pressure? I decided to wait until next Monday to return to work, that gives me 5 more days to rest.

The lipo itself wasn't bad, I'm sore and bruised but it doesn't really hurt, it's the incision site that's killing me. I'm wondering if there's anyone else out there that's had a similar scar revision? I feel like this pain is never gonna go away!, hopefully I can find some motivation and support on here :)

I had vaser laser on abdomen and flanks back last April..what a mistake. All the pain without any gain. Has left me a size bigger and I wish I had done traditional liposuction which I also had about 15 years ago which gave much better results. I think it depends on the surgeon's skills but how do you really know until afterwards. I was screaming during the procedure as I felt the anesthetic was not effective and in pain afterwards. I had done mine at Bodyvie, Richmond, UK. The clinic did try and put things right they could to give me alternative treatments like radiofrequency,endermologie but it did not work as the vaser laser had left me so swollen and when the swelling did eventually subside I had still not lost any inches and I can see no improvement at all. I would not recommend it at all. Traditional lipo gives results even though it may not be perfect, i.e. uneven contours. You still have to watch your lifestyle because the fat does come back after 5-10 years but with a vengenance. I think it works for some people ONLY because of how skilled a surgeon is. In the future, I would also make sure that the surgeon is a plastic surgeon and not cosmetic surgeon for any cosmetic surgery. This is only my experience and I really hope it's in the minority. I wish you best of luck and a speedy healing.

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Would you mind writing a review of your experience with Vaser? We'd appreciate it!



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