Don't Do It! Chin Still Sags but Now It's Uneven

My first mistake was to not follow my gut....

My first mistake was to not follow my gut. Everything about this business is inferior. After months of losing my record, promises not kept, etc, the answer to my botched surgery was to have a revision by one of their doctors! I won't make that mistake again!

My chin still sags, but now it is uneven and the scar looks like he didn't have his eyes open when he made the cut.

William Chen

Very sloppy job.

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I have no clue. Go onto LSL website, click on Doctors and it will show all doctors and where they are located.
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Why don't you sue?
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Are Sacramento and the Roseville office the same? Stone Point Dr?
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I am so sorry that happened to you. Many of us are having problems. I notice you can't be emailed privately. Click on ' allow to email username privately' Sharon or tom can direct you, if needed. Good Luck, I hope it gets better for you
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I am so sorry that you have had to suffer through this. Just know that you are not alone... many women are still suffering like you. I do hope that you get to feeling better soon. Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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