We Did It Together - So We Would BOTH Be Healthy!!

We were married 28 years ago - and at that time...

We were married 28 years ago - and at that time weighed in the 'slightly overweight' BMI... after 28 years of marriage, we both were morbidly obese. Both of us had complications due to our obesity - HTN, asthma, diabetes - just to name a few. Now after 18 months we have lost >320 pounds combined and weigh less than when we got married. Would we do it again - in a heart beat. Any regrets? Yes - that we didn't take care of our selves in the first place. Barring that, a second regret - that we didn't have surgery sooner!!

you guys look great iam thinking about having the mini bypass sugery so i wanted to know if you you guys got yous done in the here in the states?

Hi, thanks for your query. I believe that these members had their surgeries carried out in Sacramento, CA.


Wow, that is a really great story and photo! You both look so happy, I'm glad it worked out for you both.

Have you found it easy changing your diet and lifestyle to fit around your WLS?

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She answered all questions - and we have had NO unexpected complications from our surgeries.

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