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I'm 22 and this is the second time I went to a...

I'm 22 and this is the second time I went to a brand new dentist due to my dads insurance changing. At 1 this very afternoon, I went in for fillings and did the whitening right after. The technicians took special care to make sure every single inch of my gums was covered so as not to be exposed, and put extra protective gel. I felt no pain during the 4 sessions and i actually fell asleep in the chair, disappointed that the machine woke me up after every 15 minute session . There was no pain after the whitening either and my teeth were at least 5 shades whiter. I am so happy and willing to smile at everybody now. The cavity fillings 30 minutes previous were much more painful than the whitening. And although this was a gift from my dad, the price and time is worth it. But although I felt no pain today, it's different for everyone.

How great to hear you are loving the results!! Thanks for letting us know you didn't experience pain. Its always good to know that a painful experience isn't the case for everyone.

Did they send you home with trays to do at home touch-ups, or do you just plan to go back and get Zoomed again as needed?

They sent me home with trays with the overnight bleach, so use that along with whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash. But if my teeth ever get as bad as they used to be, I would absolutely go back for another zoom
Could you guys add a section for Kor whitening as well?
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