Teeth Have Shifted, Invisalign Time - Sacramento, CA

I had braces when I was younger and did not wear...

I had braces when I was younger and did not wear my retainer as I should. I clench my teeth at night and wear a night guard. My teeth have shifted and I consulted a dentist for Invisalign. He told me I was a good candidate and that my case was minor. Even though my case is minor, my smile is not what is was. I am excited to begin this journey :)


Likewise...not wearing my retainer after braces. I wish I had gotten new retainers even as much as 8 years ago. That's when I noticed my teeth changing in pics. Good luck. The time.really does fly by.
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I totally understand the whole, not wearing your retainers after your braces come off!!!!

How many months of invisalign did your doctor suggest?

Did he mention what type of retainer he would use afterward?

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