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Im 20 years old, 4'11...I'm like 36D-32DD I...

Im 20 years old, 4'11...I'm like 36D-32DD
I really want to do a breast lift. Right when I started 6th grade my boobs just got big, and like in my junior high it was so embarrassing, they were big and saggy. Now I'm in college and I hate wearing bras, they hurt but I pull them up so it doesn't look like my boobs are sagging. They don't sag like all the way, but you could just see it. Stretch marks too. My friend keeps sometimes making fun of my breast and she told me that she thought I had a child, I almost cried. My sister says I have granny boobs. So. Want to have a lift. So I wanted to ask a few questions...
Should I also reduce my boobs?
After the surgery what kind of scaring does it leave?
How long does it takes to heal?
If I get a lift, and then in the future I'll have kids, will they change? Meaning my breasts? Because I want to have kids.
I want to have my boobs up, so if I do need to reduce my breast, what size should I reduce it to?

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Welcome to RealSelf. You definitely have a lot to think about. There are different sorts of breast lifts, which leave different scars. You can read more about the four types of breast lifts here.

Here is what some doctors say about how long a breast lift lasts. Having kids can definitely change your breasts. Being pregnant and nursing does a number on almost everyone, but your breast tissue determines how much "damage" is done. I have very dense breast tissue, so they didn't deflate much. I don't know how typical that is, though.

The healing varies, but you're out of commission for at least a week and then it takes months/years for the scars to fade. But they will fade.

I'm sorry you're being teased by people close to you. I hope you're able to do whatever you feel is right for you and stay strong. Breasts are breasts and they will do the job they're meant to do. Virtual hugs!

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