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I am tall, athletic and have large eyes, my lips...

I am tall, athletic and have large eyes, my lips were not thin but very small for my face and I've always wanted a bigger, sexier mouth. I tried Juvederm about 6 months ago and was happy with the look, but not the cost considering it dissolved after about two months. I researched Permalip for months before going ahead with it.

I was nervous for the procedure but it was a breeze. They numbed me with topical cream before the nerve blocks were injected, those worked so fast that after the first two I couldn't even feel the rest. I was able to relax with my eyes closed through the procedure and the Dr. and his assistant talked me through it and kept everything relaxed. It took maybe 20-30 minutes from start to finish. I went with 5mm in top and bottom since the Dr.

recommended those sizes. My swelling was IMMEDIATELY apparent, I was mortified when I looked in the mirror! I went home feeling really anxious and had a difficult time finding anyone else with post-op pictures as bad as mine. I was terrified that I had gone too big but now after more research, I feel that once the swelling subsides I will be happy. I have no visible bruising and the swelling has decreased drastically. I am going to venture out today (3 days post-op) but only because I have to. Frankly, I look ridiculous but I am trusting the healing process and will hopefully be able to say the procedure was worth it in about a week!

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Hello, I think your results on your lips and nose are pretty! I noticed NYCParis and Couturegirl were bullying you on your rhinoplasty review... They bullied me on mine too, and like yours, my comment section was taken down. I hope you come back and update us on your recovery!!!
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I have the same size of lips as you did in your before picture and I was thinking about getting the large implant as well. Could you please upload a picture with your lips straight on towards the camera? It would be greatly appreciated :)
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The one above wth my daughter is 2 months after...I dont have one straight on right now...but I love the 5mm they take all the lines out and just look pillowee!!!!
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I'd love to get an update:) interested in how they feel to you now.
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They feel great.....cannot tell they are there..except they look full and lipstick needs NO liner to make them look big anf full. Please be careful which Dr. you pick!!!!It is an art..not just the implants that make the look! amanda
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You will look great...I had so much sweelling it looked like my lips would pop..or they were turning inside out!!!Circus clown!!! Good luck!! Amanda
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Doing great....no problems...and all is happy with the world!!!!Thanks Megan, Amanda
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Thanks so much for documenting with photos - this is so helpful to see!!

How are you doing today? Would love to hear an update!

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Hi...I also had the perma lip months ago....I did not( to my regret) take day after pics...but I can assure you I looked like a circus freaK!!!!LOL I was soooo swollen...but now they are beautiful..I also used the 5mm on top and bottom. Glad you love them...I think you will like them more as the swelling subsides..and you see the new look. Amanda
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PM89, thanks for sharing your experience. You had very lovely lips pre-op though. I know it is fresh after but it seems like they will look great! How is the restriction with mouth movement so far? I had alloderm implants long ago, and the swelling and bruising was much worse than the Dr initially claimed. It also only lasted a bit more than a year. My bruising and lower face swelling was worse than yours at 3 days post-op so you're swelling is not as bad as you think. Unfortunately I lost my lip pictures so I cannot show you the results, but I looked like a beat-up duck! My lips were blue and purple and would barely move, at least yours are pink! :-) So I definitely know patient post-op healing is often minimized during consultation. Anyways, after about a month I was beyond pleased with the results. I do have a small permanent scar (nodule) on my lower lip at the corner, but its only visible when I open wide. I have made up my mind to do the permalip surgisil augmentation, I just need to set the surgery date. I hope my healing will be better this time. Please keep us posted with your results. Thanks!
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Hey everyone, thankfully the swelling went down day by day and now one week later they look amazing! My only concern now is that the lower implant is clearly too far over in one side so on corner of my bottom lip lacks volume, It's not obvious except when my mouth is open and relaxed, or making an "o" shape, I will see what my surgeon thinks at our follow up but if it's not fixable I think I could learn to live with it!. I will updated my profile with new pictures when I get the chance, I am thrilled with the size and feeling very relieved :)
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Danni, I feel very little restriction in movement, It's difficult for me to rub my lips together when I put on chapstick (actually, impossible lol!) and to drink from my camel back water bottle without drooling haha, other than that they feel pretty natural right now
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