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So Much for Guarantees... - Sacramento, CA

I started my invisalign in January 2010 and paid a...

I started my invisalign in January 2010 and paid a lot of money. The estimated time frame was 12 months to complete with a guarantee that my teeth would be straight or there would be free "refinement". 2 1/2 years later, my teeth still aren't straight and I had to move to another state. They couldn't transfer my continued treatment (refinement) with me so I would have to pay another orthodontist to finish my "refinement" and possibly pay Invisalign more (per Invisalign). The guarantee that was shared with me never said I couldn't move. Now I am stuck with crooked teeth still (and on my front top teeth so it is obvious) and will have to pay even more money to get them straight. Not to mention braces would have been done a lot sooner.


I'm so sorry this happened to you :(.  We have a few other community members whose Invisalign treatment just hasn't worked like it should.  An estimate of 12 months turning into 3 years is extreme, but not unheard of around here.  If you move, though, there's no way for the ortho to continue your treatment unless you travel back and forth to their office.

Do you have before/after photos to show us the (lack of) progress your teeth made in those two and a half years?

Thank you for posting here!  Are you planning to continue your treatment or is it too expensive at this stage?
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I really liked my Orthodontist, but a guarantee should be honored and an estimated 12 months should not turn into 3 years (who knows, could have gone on for longer).

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