Fraxel Lazer Experience - Sacramento, CA

I experienced Fraxel Laser Feb. 2012 to my face...

I experienced Fraxel Laser Feb. 2012 to my face & neck. I am a 50 year old; fair skinned female. My doctor is in Folsom CA. I actually had "Thermage" (1 week) then the Fraxel Laser experience. My doctor had me take steriods; cold sore preventive along with an antibiotics 1 day prior to treatment. The day of treatment I pre-treated with anti-anxiety (Lorizpam). My doctor gave me 3 numbing shots to my face. The assistant had a cooler hose blowing 5 inches from my facethe whole time (so nice!). I went home and my face swelled up like a blow fish. I used Aquafor for 5 days. My face swelled up so much I could not see for 2 days. My skin was bloody looking & remain swollen for 4 Days. The 5th day I washed my face with cetaphil (yes; whiteheads all over m.y chin) but the whiteheads quickly went away with washing.The aquafor kind of blocked my pores. My skin is much thinner & I have to be careful not to tear it when scratching. I am happy with my 1ST time but was advised I should have a series of 3 treatments..I don't believe the Theramage (@ $2,400) was worth it but experienced zero down time from it.. PS- My sister has darker (tanned) skin & the Doctor mentioned he would use a different laser type should she have a procedure & as mentioned the laser tip alone costs several hundred dollars & can not be reused. So., $200 is a scarey quote!!

From your description, it sounds as though you had the aggressive Fraxel re:pair.  What spacing does your doctor advise between treatments? 


I'm glad you are liking the results of your Fraxel. I'm a bit confused by the last portion of your review. What was the $200 quote for?

p.s. We have a community dedicated to Thermage. I'd love it if you would write a review about your experience with that as well. :)

Dr. D. Kamra

Excellent doctor., patient, concerned for my comfort., realistic about waiting for six months for my final judgements.

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