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50+ Gal~From Miserable & Fat~ To Under go, a total head to toe Transformation~ With Dr. Richard P. Clark MD.. Roseville, CA

Took my lab work in for my surgery date coming up....

Took my lab work in for my surgery date coming up... The excitement is building... just want to start my review, on my work yet to come.... IF anything like last time, I will be looking 10 to 15 years younger in no time at all..... The staff was pleasant & prompt.... in 2 weeks I will go in for my pre-op...


Super exciting! So, have you had a facelift before? Your post kind of made it sound as if you had...
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Yes, I have
Our face lifts are scheduled on the same day. I'm looking forward to sharing results and experience. I'm very nervous but hopeful. Stay in touch.
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here I am a week ago

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wanting ultimate results, What other procedures along with a face lift , can get you the best and optimal results????

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Pre -Op this week

Thursday is My pre-op, excitement building.....here is a before taken last night,,,


So, I take it you are having a face/neck lift -- lower bleph --- not sure endoscopic brow lift
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Yes, Face, he said neck okay??? Endoscopic brow lift, But said fat removal of lower eye... Cheeks, fat graphed... will up date after Pre-op
You have a beautiful face and eyes. I bet you will look amazing after your FL. Did you have a full last time? How long ago? I guess you know exactly what to expect with recovery. You are having breast surgery the next week right? Wow you are a super woman! I'm a light weight and not sure I could handle that!
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using for before photo

before Photo


Good luck to you! Read my profile on my facelift journey. I added my eyelids and neck and chin work. I had the smas procedure.
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today is the day for Pre-op

Going for my pre op, am going to discuss, all options for the best results....=) excitement building.. wish me luck.... to be continued......

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Pre-Op done

Went in for my pre-op, Dr. Spent a Long time with me, explaining, the procedures, asked my concerns and,answered all and every question... I also had discussed, a Thigh lift for down the road.... I lost 63lbs and work out daily up to 3hrs a day... but only so much you can tighten....
My face, I am getting Endo-brow lift, fat grafted to be put into cheeks & lips, and smooth my face and eyes... possibly taking skin from eye lids if needed, after endo, and fat taken out from under eyes.. So with that said, took in my prescriptions, and have my Md orders what I need to get to eat drink & wear.... 9am 5/28 I go in for face....6/4 breast & arms.... I am Ready......=)

2nd surgery I am getting a breast lift, and arms lifted... at 0 cost...
Being a Loyal and return patient has it's benefits, Dr. Clark, is more than reasonable, and he does, drop his prices on returning and with multiple surgeries patients... well at least thats My experience....
I am going to have my face, resurfaced or laser treated, after all surgeries... to help get rid of sun damage..


You will have a nice outcome with your face work! Good luck! And did I read your post correctly that you are getting the breast and arm lift free?
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the arm lift, Not breast....Thanks so Much... YOU Look Marvelous!!!!!!! Great Results....You Must be in heaven...=)
Right around the corner --- you will do great ----
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before with makeup

makeup.... a before....


You are beautiful now ... I can't imagine your after!
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Free surgery, nice! Thank you, yes, I am happy!
Thank you so much! You will be in my prayers for a successful surgery.

Face Lift, Cheek & Lip Aug..Endoscopic forehead, Breast Lift & Arm Lift

I had Not Put The correct amount for all Procedures I am doing, 5/28 face, 6/4, Breast and arms.... Arms I am getting done at 0cost..... Count down is On...9 days away......


I had a mini in office, no anesthesia, life with dr. Lombardi in Eatontown nj, I look 10 years younger a soon as I walked out of the office for $4000-
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Awesome..... That is Fantastic.....
It is so remarkable how much a smile lights up a face!! Yours is great!!! I have been saying that a lot on the FL boards because (other than it is true) we all take our before without any expression. Then you catch one with a smile...Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to post my before soon. My surgery is 6/2.
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called MD

Put in a call, I want MD to look at My Photos I think I need my lower eyes done, MDs ON RS agreed as well, when asked....

That 1 of my main concerns, Which seemed to not be addressed or I am missing something.... Regardless, want him to get rid of those ugly bags under my eyes especially my right eye.... Nauseous...

So waiting on a call back, want to have all ducks in a row...


KAD. Let us know what he says. Trying to get my ducks in a row too. Are taking arnica or bromelain pre surgery? Just posted close ups ... I can't wait to get this over with but really starting to be concerned about down time and upcoming social events.
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Heard back =)

MD called....
he gonna do lower eyes, at face time or body time for $1,500 more.... Yay....
So I will be a new person.....

Now, after that 3 week doing laser....
and later.... Looking into thighs....
some of You are steering me to GO for it.... so..... to be continued...
BUT..... Ready yo enjoy the Holiday weekend....
and be ready for my transformation....=)

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Feeling Fine

After, talking with < Office and Dr.'s assistant , Myrna, who is absolutely amazing, Just Love her, She is so helpful, and puts your mind at ease....
I am set to take on my transformation, with much appreciation , of the length of time spent with me, and questions answered.... MY face will now consist of, Lower eyes, fat grafting to lips and cheeks endoscopic brow lift, lower face tightening, and laser 3/4 weeks later...... Upper eyes will have fat removed if not enough with endo.....

I believe with this I will have my dream of looking like I feel a reality.....
Now, to enjoy the next 5 days before, my transformation....=)


Hi KAD, Are you ready to go? I want to get this over with and start healing! Since we have the same surgery date it will be interesting to compare notes. I know you are having more extensive work done so it will be interesting to see our healing progress. Butt and thighs to come for you? Wow you are super woman! I have given up on butt and thighs. I look good in my clothes. I'm 5'7" 145 lbs and wear a size 6-8 but I'm plagued with the dreaded cellulite! :-( I don't think I could handle a butt or thigh lift! My arms bother me almost worse then my tired face! If I try and fix everything I would look like a patch work doll! Lol Stay in touch... Count down time
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Hi New, yep all ready... It will be interesting... LOL, Love your patch work comment...Unfortunately,that will be me. After a dramatic weight Loss from NutriSystem, Exercise only tightens so much, and coming from a daily 2,3hr a day exerciser... Unfortunately, My Right arm & Thigh look awful, left side okay could be better, but right =0.... ugly.... had a TT 10 years ago, so thats fine, all the other work, I figure might as well, complete it... So, taking the leap, of faith.... I look Great in clothes as well went from A 12-14 To a 0-4, No complaints almost 5'5.... Yep count down is here, can't sleep!!!LOL
Hi Marathon Mom, Doing Good, went out got my jello, broth, yogurt, 7up.... have pjs and clothes ready.... Md's filled.... Ready to go.... Now also going to get consult on Butt & thighs.... doing the rest may as well GO For it all!!!!! Brave Today....LOL
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Tomorrow The Big Day

Time is near, to embark, on my journey to a transformation, to look how I feel...
Surgery #1 tomorrow....
Today, It's crossing the T's and dotting the i's,
change bed, have pillows ready, last store run, med's ready...
nails and hair, done....
I take a zanax tonite then 1 at Md's.... No Food after midnight... and surgery at 9am..... happy, nervous, excited, many emotions today!!!!
To Be Continued.....


Can't wait to hear how you are KAD - so hoping you doing OK & know we will hear from you when you are up to it We are all thinking of you x
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Good luck tomorrow surgery buddy! We can compare notes tomorrow.
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Thanks New..... Same to you.... Relax, LOL, I know easier said than done...

I'm Alive.... LOL

Finally get to update,
Went in My HS friend was my nurse, how fun it was, she will be for next 2 as well..
Took my zanax, Rhonda put in my catheter, and thats all I remember ...

After I was happy to see My Fiancee right there....

Lips look like a duck, chipmunk cheeks~
Eyes look Great, happy he did lowers, uppers waiting to see if he needs to after endo forehead, if I need it he can do at Bust /arms or wait til Sept....

All And all good, Can't open mouth much so jello, jamba juice, 7up, & broth... coffee through a straw, LOL

Today drains came out, and Monday bandages come off...

head feels tight but okay... taking vicodin, which is perfect....
Thursday can gently wash hair......


Just saw the pic & even now I can see improvements - so pleased you thru & sound in such good spirits x
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KAD ~Glad to hear you're doing well...pic almost looks like uppers were done. You've got a lot to heal from so wishing you a trouble-free speedy recovery :) grace60
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Oh KAD, I have been on pins and needles waiting to hear from you! I'm so glad everything went well. It sounds like we are at the exact same place in recovery. I'm using a straw and sucking with my teeth and had some ice cream with a baby spoon last night. The duck lips are so attractive eh? Yours look even. My top lip is huge
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Day 1 post op

Feeling okay, vicodin, does the trick, feel good considering ....
I feel so happy my results will be absolutely amazing!!!!!!!


Awe....I feel your pain...but it's all behind you now, you have done it!!! When I had my lower face/neck lift, I also had a breast lift/implant and arm lift. I don't really recommend that much all at once, but when I was recovered it was great...Do you have your surgeon picked out for your other procedures? I had assumed I would use the first PS but after finding this site, I started really shopping around, even having 10 consults with various PSs until I was confident and now I am so delighted in my outcome...I can't wait to see your pictures as you heal. Facelifts are so much fun to follow as the results are so dramatic...can't wait!!! Take care and rest, rest, rest!!!!
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AZDee, Thanks so Much, I am having same MD do all surgeries, arms/breast next week *and see if upper eyes need to be fixed too... Then is Sept 29 around there Thighs & Butt.... My Md is AWESOME, I know the gals there 1 a HS friend, so makes things so comfortable, and DR Clark an artist, I trust his judgement... OH I can't wait to see results see some already.... Just Love... Thanks so very much for stopping by...
Thank You Shazza, I know already can see...YAY Makes this 1 happy happy happy!!!You are gonna do Great too!!!!
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Dr Clark A-Class MD

This is my 3rd surgery with Dr. Richard P. Clark.... May I say Artist, Amazing, Wonderful...
10years ago, he made my dreams come true, a Flat tummy, face turned back in time.... and It's been awesome...
Now, just had My Face lift, endoscopic brow lift, Under eyes, cheek lift, and neck, smoothed back out NO Wrinkled neck YA....

Dr. Clark is a True Professional From the letter A....
Myrna, his receptionist, is delightful as well as helpful.... she puts your mind at ease..
and Rhonda, his nurse, Top In her field.. I look forward to Rhonda doing My laser, and injections when needed....

All In ALL, DR Clark is the MD to make your dreams come true..


Wishing u a speedy recovery! You would not need ur upper lid surgery. You will look awesome!
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Had mine done on the 28th!
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I'm right there with you guys! I'm two days out from face and neck lift.
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Day 3

Doing Great, don't look great but feel good...
Slept well, pain subsiding, and lips & eyes going down...
Honestly happy I am doing Thighs in Sept... need the time after next wed, surgery, 3 back too back, Ah, No Thanks... Plus I have to baby sit all summer for my G-kids, and how could I.. be a mummy,,,,, Coming along and loving my lips and eyes , but I can see how, my uppers will need some attention.....


You are looking so symmetrical so fast. I can tell you are going to look amazing!! Maybe I will never will look even. My top lip is bigger then the bottom and I still look grumpy :-( call the whambulance!
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Oh New, Maybe just taking longer, Give it time sweetie, I know you gonna look wonderful!!!Xo
Yes everyone says it takes time & that your face will take many twist & turns throughout the healing phase. So just go with it & try not to get anxious petal.


well it's 4pm, and I am feeling pretty darn good... Today the worst day Naw, not here, I must say Dr.Clark is a true professional, I can see My Lovely results through the swelling, I know I will be Thrilled, after I am healed...
This is a Huge jump for me, after losing My weight that bogged me down for 20 years.. Having multiple surgeries, is going to make this old fat ugly duckling,of 3 years ago, into a Beautiful swan , for My Love...& Mostly for me!!!! I hope to be a Gorgeous or as Gorgeous as I can be for the man I love....on our wedding day... 11-2015, is when we plan to wed, I should be looking my best after all procedures are accomplished.... & healed.....Friends think I am being vain, and a waste of money...But I worked hard for 3 years to get where I am today... turned My health around, and now its time to look the part ......
If Considering a Facelift do it... Search for the right fit in surgeons, and commit... You won't be sorry...


If this transformation helps to improve your quality of life, why not, if you can do it? Sorry about that sentence, but you get my meaning. If not now....when? I am 48. After staying home for 17 years with children, I decided to be "selfish" and begin working on me. I am now in Culinary school (because I enjoy it and I am looking to enter into that field as soon as I can without throwing my family into a tailspin) and working on me. If I thought it was ever "too late", it would depress me. So OPTIMISM!!!!!!!!!! Blessing to you on your upcoming wedding plans and your new life. Here is to a more beautiful you:)!!!!!!!!!
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So true MIMom. After a lifetime working of in the airline business, raising five children and caring for my Mom suffering from Alzheimer's it is never too late for new endeavors. Good luck with your culinary career. I took a shorter path with my passion after retirement and became a certified personal chef specializing in gluten free paleo. There is quite a market out there and I love what I do!
Hi Newmeaug! Hope you're healing and feeling better and better every day. It's interesting that you mention Paleo....there is a Captain at AAirlines that also happens to be a chiropractor, who advocates a low carb lifestyle and my husband says he gets so much grief on the pilot's Challenge and Response Board that accuse him of not being a real "doctor", etc. it's so ridiculous! A bunch of premadonna pilots :) My husband and I both see a Chiro. for monthly adjustments and believe in the Paleo lifestyle. We just feel so much better not eating sugar and bad carbs. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I learned that cancer loves sugar. It feeds off of it, so I try to keep my sugar intake to a minimum :)

Day #3

Feeling, better, but didn't sleep well, Not the pain, vicodin, doing the trick think it just wired me up...

Head getting itchy so healing YAY, shower on Sunday,,,,,
Face swelling coming down, but, looking at upper eyes think, he may need to revise them and take some skin off...after surgery he said he wanted to be sure I could close my eyes, so for me to wait... and see if needed, later....However, to get the look I want- Don't want to have that saggy skin,on upper eyes.... so far looks like it needs to go.... debating on nose too... Darn Fiancee had to ask if I was....having my nose done.....PLEASE> ( OPINIONS PLEASE ) Yay or Nay...
Lips still duckie and hurt so jello and diet 7up, do eat crackers with broth, and gonna make a berry protein smoothy today to drink... can't stand hot foods yet but lost 3lbs so I am happy..... the more the better.... I must admit, staying in the house gets old, Had to go breathe fresh air outside.... My Yorkies, are all cuddled up with me, they think I'm sick, it seems...
My Oldest daughter cant look at me... says it makes her sad???? Okay, guess, seeing Mom all bruised up....

Then ..... next week, Breast & Arms...& ???? maybe nose, after opinions....and revision of eyes if needed....

Needless, to say, I am so Happy and Looking forward to look the best I can for the Wonderful Man I am going to marry....He is Truly a Gift, from above.....


I can already tell you will look great when you are completely healed!!
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Anxious in Nj Thanks so much, each day gets better & better..
I feel like my nose looks even more crooked but yours looks fine. Maybe it's just the swelling for both of us. Have you taken your bandages off yet? What are you putting neosporin on? I can tell my bandage is stuck to the incision area and I'm worried about removing it tomorrow. Ouch
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Day #4 AHHHHH a shower

Oh Boy did it feel good to get in the shower, get the bandages off, and clean up..
Feel like a new person...Keeping, My lips nice and supple still.... they drive me nuts if I don't... sleep better, just sitting up, & propped up, not so much...
making smoothies, with berries, spinach & yogurt & whey protein powder...

Feel Like a Human today, may not look like it, but sure better.....


I think you are going to be a smash hit at your wedding! Did the forehead lift eliminate the need for Botox?
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Hi MyLady, Thank You, YES, I am fortunate, No Botox.... as My forehead was horrid from all the years of Sun tanning, Inside & out...
Sending you good energy for a quick recovery! Ruz
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Day #5.... Better & Better

Feel Wonderful today... I took a shower, straightened up the house, went in got My staples Out... Had to put makeup on, due to the fact , I look Like I went a few Rounds in the ring with Muhammad Ali- Even drove myself, I Love to Drive, and do well, So wasn't worried, However, My Friend at The office said that was a No No, 10 days... Opps..Then I went shopping at the grocery for my next go around on Wed... Still, swollen a lot, and MD said I'll have the slat eye look for a while have stitch there for a while... Other than That, doing Fine... Starting to take shape....


How you going there super woman? :-)
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I am doing Fabulous Shazza..... Thanks
Wow so much all at once....good for you. Just a week out and you are having the arms and breast done...I did all three at the same time, face/neck, breast lift/implant and arms....The way I was feeling, had I only had the face done the first week, I would have never gone back. Hubby's take on the whole thing was you are going to be in pain anyway, and having to be down while recovering might as well get as much done at one time...Easy for him to say!!! You are in my prayers, I know it's not easy!!!
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Day #6 Just keeps on getting better

Feeling Great #2 surgeries down and feeling fine, still, ducky baby ducky, bruised, and swelling down, eyes widening up, so all okay so far.....Know I am going to be on cloud 9 when done.....
Don't think twice Go To Dr. Richard Clark!!!!! he's a life changer!!!!


Enjoyed reading your journey -- now kick back and heal
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Marathon Mom, I sure am... Thanks so much for stopping By.... doing Great, but bed bed bed....=)
Rest & rest Miss Newy you have been through an awful big ordeal - :-(

Day 9

Hi All~
Each day better and better, NO More Duck Lips, yay...
bruising all most gone, Surgery about 6 hours...
During Breast surgery woke up, and played name that tune with MD & Staff, I won 1 round as I remember, I do typically wake up, NO Pain, so all was Chill...
Will post photo soon, Hope I get staples and stitch out of eyes and Lip Today... Go around 4pm.... But LOVE, The younger looking Improved KKAD..... Results are AWESOME!!!!!! But again Happy waiting On 3rd surgery NO way could I go again Next week, I could but UGH!!! NO Thanks....=)


All the best with your healing.
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Now where are you going to keep your marbles! You have such a cruisy attitude with all this and your posts are so inspiring (and funny). Brave going two surgeries let alone 3. Must be time to heal. Wishing you well.
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Our New kADD is something else isn't she :-) one tuff & lovely lady

Day 11~ Thrilled more & more each Day....

Each day getting better & better, Just got back, my 1st day out with My honey... a drive & store... His only day away from The Buss... so, a much needed road trip! But it's 105 here today...UGH, have to wear long sleeve blouse due to arms...
I am becoming ecstatic about the results...what a difference... Dr.Clark... Thank You, what an artist You are.... we have only just begun...=)
My #2 and most cynical child , and Most honest... said WOW!!!!!!!!!! Mom, Okay, you looking amazing.... made My day!!! hope You think so too!!!!!


OMG look at those fabulous cheekbones!!! :)
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Ato Z Thanks, swelling going down more...ah...last 2 days been so busy getting back to Life, I haven't been able to stop BY...
You look great! Glad it is behind you.
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15 days

Wow, last 2 days have been crazy around here.... no time to even up date...
Day 15 today, swelling , almost all gone, lips, way down, 1 side, upper top bigger, sure will subside, like the rest... Feeling great, have to up date arms/Breast review...
Loving My results, however will get a new photo this weekend my bday


Happy Birthday!!! I hope you are not over doing it this weekend!!!
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Thanks so much - being good- Lol
Human dynamo you are lol make sure to look after yourself & post new photos k
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Day 18

Look better each day, But when I have my 3rd surgery 9/24 I will need upper eyes done, My right eye has a big over hang of skin, and is quiet, irritating.MD wanted to be sure I could close my eyes, and I sure can, and more... Rather have been safe than sorry... However, The 1 eye is very bothersome, gonna be a long 3 months... No Kidding.... Other wise THRILLED.... My Birthday Picture


You look gorgeous!
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Oh wow wolf whistle big time :-) you look very very glamorous birthday girl. So glad you so happy New KKAD u deserve it xx
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almost 3 weeks

Had a Follow up appointment today...
He happy with my face but, says my concerns on my eyes, he says I have to close them???? and my face will change more... after 6 months we will decide then...but my lips 1 side larger than the other???? Hmmmm, I have another follow, up on thursday, and will ask about.... Since I am having more done in Sept.. If needed this can be fixed then, if I am still lop sided some what, my lips before were lop sided as I look back at my before photos...so Hopefully He & his artistic abilities, will, get them to be better....
My Friend went in with me, and has Signed up, for a tummy tuck, thighs & butt lift.... she is EXCITED....
I can't rave enough about DR. Clark... he is AMAZING, just no other words, to explain him, but AMAZING ARTIST.... =) I am so Happy I did my homework, and went with him back in 04.... When I am done I will have a body By Clark, & Thrilled & proud to say Just that....I will post 3 week photo tomorrow....


Good one New KKAD can't wait to see your photos so pleased you happy with everything & so positive. :-)
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Sexy everything about you so sexy !!!l la la la la la anyone heard that song before its old skool
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Thankyou- that is wonderful to hear- wish my family & loved ones were saying that- :) oh well I'm happy-

3 weeks and feeling Good

Here is Me, so far after 3 weeks !!!!!! Loving every minute.... Better & better each day!!!!!


WOW! You look FANTASTIC!!! Big Congrats to you!
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thank you so Very Much Colton's Mom... Life changing, I am so blessed to have a Wonderful MD!!!!
Happy belated birthday. Stunning result. Don't focus on your excess eye skin, yr dr is right better to take too little than too much. I think some surgeons do it under a local now so that you can open and close your eyes while it's being done. I am sporting my own set of duck lips at the moment,(haven't tried a marble yet) praying they will go down a bit before I go home, have a week to get rid of the pumpkin head lol.
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week 3

Had my after care appointment yesterday, got my stitches out of my eyes, AHHHH, also picked up some paint on solution, to grow, my eye lashes...=) have seen it works... laser to come 5 more weeks before I can do that...
Have my consult for bottom 1/2 Aug 20th....


Feeling better and better each day, still edema, But Not bad!!!!!
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KAD, check out luci67 review on lashes.
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Will do

Almost a month!!!!

Wow, approaching a month....
Okay, still edema, in face, but feels more like me again... I am tender in areas, IE, head , and cheeks, which is normal... My Md said 8 weeks for edema, and swelling to be way down, and before I can do laser, I have decides to wait til after summer is over to do laser, since have 1 possibly 2 more surgeries to go... still think right eye will need attention, upper lid, but he wants to wait 6 months to see, and if We agree, it needs attention, can do right in office with a local, Snip N go, I love it... Thinking on my nose, the tip of it as kinda bulbous,?????? Maybe... all the surgery is addicting, as readily available...My transformation, is Priceless.
Yesterday I ran into a man I knew in my 17-21 when I ran a small business, he saw me, and said, How I haven't changes a bit... boy he had... Thats what we wanna hear, not WOW you are over done!!!! happy, yes, I am.... =)


You look great, the compliments will keep coming and can go to your head. So take advice and wait a few months before deciding on any more surgery. It is early days yet.
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Ohhhhh. Very good advice. Our accomplishment can be such a boost to our self esteem this is a good thing to keep in mind.
Yes, you look great. Happy for you.
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Week 4+

Been so busy with Life, I haven't had time to up date, I will get a picture posted on Wednesday for week 5...
My face is alot less swollen lips, have come down a Considerable amount... bottom, lip is still, lope sided...and upper okay...will see, in Sept when I have my bottom 1/2 done, if more fat needs to be added, as well as my upper eye lids, I think they need just some skin taken out, as they swell, and it is bothersome..But MD says wait 6 months as I previously posted... I still do feel, Edema in my face, but all is looking good and I am over joyed with my results... Each week I am Happier....Life changing having these, surgeries done...


You look wonderful! How did your incisions heal? I am just curious as my PS also wants to place the temporal incision along the hairline rather than going above the ear.
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You are going to have a beautiful face once all the swelling subsides! I love how you take care of your beauty throughout the years. That how I have become - whereas once I did not care.
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Thank You Bar- yes I too did not care , then @47 I woke up- have used excellent products which my PS said made all the difference in the world - we are the best investment for ourselves- I believe look how you feel- why look old tired and cranky if you don't have to! Thank you for your inspiration - we much alike- I want the whole package not just part of it =)

Week #5

Week 5~
coming along nicely, still some edema, in my face, and lips continue to change as well... I hope I don't lose much more..
Stitches healing nicely, Itch at times but thats just healing.... My eyes, look much better, but still, believe I need Right eye addressed... But I must wait...
I have a MD appointment today and 3 weeks from now I do My After photos..
anyone considering a FL, In The Sacramento Area, seek Dr Richard P.Clark, He is absolutely amazing ....
I look natural and Not over done... He has tuned back the hands of time... and i am forever grateful & Happy with My results which are still changing daily..... Here is My week 5 updated photo


Looking real good New KKAD :-) hot woman you :-) & just getting better & better. Can't tell about the eye your concerned about - but sure your Dr will put you right :-) keep on keeping on huni x
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Shazza gonna post a pic - Of eye- thanks doll-
Wow! You look fantastic...I know you're so thrilled! Keep up the good work. Lilygirl
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Eye bothering me

here are photos of that eye that I think needs attention...


You look so young and perky and so so very cute! Adorable!
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Thanks so much Bar.... I feel Great..... Can't wait to be where you are....
Hi NEW KKAD I really think it be best to wait awhile yet huni cause it could very well be swelling I have 1 eye pulling & swollen a lot more then the other and same with my neck. You have a PS that you trust implicitly so wait to see what he says. If you do have to do anything down the track it certainly will not take much. Your healing is going remarkably well and you look great.
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My Eye

Woke up again this AM, with My right eye lid swollen and hanging down...???? I know it's from sleeping so hard on that side, But My Right side of my face isn't numb anymore left, another story, so right healing faster... Left eye is Fabulous but this right eye is So annoying... I go back To My MD, next week, Thursday, I am going to show this photo and explain this to him, So Happy with everything, but this..... I am starting to get awesome comments, now that all is settling.. I can smile finally, now that my lips have gone down, and all my expressions are coming back... My daughter even commented, how , much better I am coming along.... The healing process, is slow, so it seems, But so worth the wait... Just part of the process...
DR. Clark is a Master at the art of Plastic surgery, and I am so Fortunate to have him as My MD... don't think twice, Go To DR. Clark


You look fabulous!!
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Thank You SO Much A to Z... Feel great
U look beautiful:-)
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July 4th Fun....

I felt Good enough to take some 5 1/2 week photos to show the improvements...Each day brings something new... Your face relaxes with time, and The real You will shine through... LOVE My results...


WOW fantabulous, you go girl!!!!
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My daughter and I have a joke -- every time someone compliments me whether they know my age or not I say "BAM" cracks us up!!!
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I wanted to back up to the comment on nose job. After I got done with some questions for my surgeon - i came out and my husband asked "did you ask him about your nose" I thought really -- your asking met this --- so I turned around and asked him if it could be done at the same time as my lipo - etc :) and he said "yes" and showed me how my bridge was to wide and tip to thick and how he could fix it --- So I had it done -- so my answer to you is "yes" I think you could make the nose bridge more elegant. There you have it -- by the way --- I love that I did it -- looks fantastic
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Week 6.....

Already week 6, wow, swelling, almost gone, I think is all gone, I go to MD tomorrow, gonna ask again about My eye lids, I know, I am OCDing on them , LOL...
I am loving my results and, ever changing results.... My sweetie, & Kids say, I look like me again, but much younger.... Just what the Doctor ordered..... Here are some fun pic's I took to celebrate my 6 weeks...


So pretty!! Love your hot red dress! Btw.. Your arms look great in that picture! I can't imagine how good they look now!!! Congrats KAD!!!
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Wow hello fabulous you - hot. hot, hot lady in da red dress. God damn awesome. For me divorce & child birth is easier then losing weight aghhhh
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LOL, You aren't kidding, weight loss isn't easy.... Thank You so much Shazza, had to share the before & afters....

Before & Afters

Here is my before and afters of weight loss


You really look great!!! Your body is awesome and your face too! I LOVE that cute, short, sassy, youthful haircut...and the color is perfect! An amazing person!
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Wow! You are beaming inside and out! Great doctor, too! Congrats to you!!
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He is a GREAT MD, I am thrilled to have... Thank You so much, beaming I am...=) Feels great!

more After losing weight Photos from my photoshoot

after losing the weight, I entered a contest & won, These are some of the photos from that!!!!


What fabulous before & afters! You are now totally glamorous!!
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Ato Z Thank You so very much feel GREAT!
You did it!!!! Your transformation is spectacular. Wow do I love a good transformation story! You look fabulous!!! So happy for you!!!
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My eye, gets a new, look

Went in on Thursday, to be checked out, and asked about my upper eyes, He asked, want it done today??? then in Sept @ 4months if Not til Nove @6months will do both upper eyes.... But to keep me quiet, LOL, he did a lil cut where, that darn, flap of skin, I have been nagging about was..... LOL, now I look like I ran into Rocky.... hahah, the things we will do for beauty, I am 1 of the first to say sign me up!!!!


i just read your review. YOU LOOK AMAZING! You go girl! I like the black and turquoise outfit,i don't dare wear dresses above the knee,love your legs. Awesome transformation you and Bariatric life are like WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHole new women. Congrats. Your hair style is so cute,it suits you.
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U r a strong woman
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Thanks Lulu, I try to be

moving along to week 7......

Each waking day is a new, New Improvements, Less, swelling, more feeling in my face, where, it was adjusted back to where it used to be.... My cheeks are AMAZING, I had forgotten, what nice cheek bones I had, except when I see my children..
I bought some new mac makeup, and was amazed, how flawless, my skin and face looks.... The scars are invisible, and have been for weeks.. My lips I have to admit I am sad, they are going although, I can smile again with teeth and look more natural, like before...But I do HOPE, I will end up, with fuller lips, than before. Thinking, if my lips go all the way back like before, may ask to have him add more fat In my next surgery, I also may have have another touch up, in Nov to do upper eyes, if they not done in sept.... So a work in progress, which is fine with me... I still am going to do laser, this winter.... after 3rd surgery.... I have been using the eye lash system to grow, them... May I say AMAZING, 3 weeks and I see a huge improvement already with NO complications.....


Thanks so much for stopping by.... THANK YOU!!!!! It has been life changing, Bariatric life, made me GO For it and do it all! I am so happy I am .... Best Decision, I have ever made...=) You are a Doll.... Made My day!!!

a frightful before

Here is a Photo the night before my FL.... Yikes!


Just checking in on my same day surgery sister. If your summer is anything like mine you are busy with grand kids :-) I hope you are still feeling well and not over doing it! ((Hugs))
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Kkad how r u doing??
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I thought of you because of your eyes,this would work perfect. ;)
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8 weeks already!!!!!!

hello, Been MIA, summer been Crazy, working baby sitting, remodeling homes....
My last up date which was 2 weeks ago, My MD, fixed my right eye as It was driving me crazy, slow healing, and I love that eye, as it is healing, HOWEVER, now my left looks way out of place, and weird... FIgures.... I am assuming when we do lower body he will address, my eye lids and do both eyes to look a like, I will be sure to find out if not then when we will... the 1 he fixed, is The way I was hoping my eyes would look after FL... Everything else is healing Great, have all feeling back in face, incisions are invisible now, cheeks look fabulous, and lips, I must say Wish they had stayed more... almost gone now... MAY, have him inject more fat into when I do lower body.... do want a lip... I noticed my lips are un even Naturally.... 1 side bigger than the other , so wondering if he can fix them surgically! gonna ask.... Hubby, hates the "vanity' part , of this process.. what can you say but... I wanna look how I feel.... I am Happy with results and HOPE to be even happier once, Final results are achieved.... a definite, work in progress!!!!!


I think you look wonderful. But, I can say that having my eyes done, both upper and lower, were the Best thing I did. My uppers had a lot of skin and were fatty right under the brow. Taking that skin and fat out made a world of difference. My eyes are so much more open, I can actually see better. Also, that was the easiest of my procedures to heal. That seemed like a piece of cake. Let us see your final results.
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K, .....In doing your right eye lid is there anything else besides removing skin that he did to raise that brow to a higher position? Your brow lift raised them both evenly so just wondering what additional was done. You have been on quite a transformational journey that not every one could handle in terms of discipline, persistence and vision.....congrats, grace
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It's so easy to find bits n pieces that just need that little "tweak" to be just perfect, be careful, it's pretty addictive this plastic surgery stuff. I think you look fantastic. Well maybe your other eye could match lol. You are a legend.
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9 weeks update

Hello All~
Been MIA, just busy busy.... went to MD, eye healing nice, but will be a few before other eye gets done, so changed my part to cover good eye, as it heals... waiting to take after photos due, to this issue.... Numbness, all gone, scars healing more & More, lips, just a touch, most fat has left that was injected, and may have more put in , during next surgery of lower body.... still have to get laser, done.... which I will this fall, when summer is over, too hot here....
I am delighted to say the least.... on going process!!!!


You coming along fine my friend - glad you are happy & everything is good with you x
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Can you show some pics of your brachioplasty scars? You look amazing!
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Sure My Lady will next week I'm gone til Monday :)

10 weeks and better & better

Hi All~
Back from a Mini vacation, to see Family & wedding..... Everyone Loved the new look , but laughed at my 1 eye calling me Quasi Motto...Ugh!!!!!! scars on head itch alot, and lips almost back to the way they were....will take a photo Friday.... and show you all.... May have more fat injected during lower body surgery....am thinking I will change date for that to October as having veins addressed...
Face everything I could have asked for once we get all squared away...No Pain, or numbness... Just itching.....


What are you using on your incision lines/scars in front of ears? Mine are all healed up but a little red (not much though)...I have heard pure avocado oil, jojoba oil, vit e capsules....I have tried all three intermittently and also behind the ears. My left ear front is healed now (just a little red), behind there is clear and no scabs...the right side front of ear is very nice, no redness, but the back still has a line of scabbing (for the second time) and I am leaving it alone except to cleanse with q tip soap and water twice a day, apply avocado oil, and that is it to soften and protect. I just want to avoid scarring as much as possible so looking for suggestions. PS is vague about that. Thanks!
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i meant varicose veins. Typos :/
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I just got back too from my mini vacation. I hope ou enjoyed your time with family. Where are you having your sclerotherapy done on veins? Is it for leg vericose/spider veins? I have mine done in Walnut Creek. Great doctor,i been seeing him since i was a baby 25.
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week 13 already.... WOW, made last surgery dates to finish my Transformation

Been weeks since I have been able to check in.... Packing.... and gonna be for a while.... Life.... All coming along nicely, My upper eye has calmed down, and will need more work done this Dec, and other eye done, I have all feeling back in my face, stitches in head itch, lips are almost to where they used to be, so in my next 2 surgeries, MD, will add more fat into lips, in hope it sticks... Elated, as I said before..... and have had NO Complications what so ever, will get up dated on My arm Breast lift review, too.....


Hi Bella, I am finishing off rest of body 21/1 & 12/8 did you see all I am doing??? I know summer almost over.... crazy, I have had no time to check in as busy packing up 2 homes, then have to clean cabinets, etc... then workers to come in, and hope to sell 1.... Yes, eyes, just need to be finished, and YES hoping on lips... I am optimistic only way to be...
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I hope this time around everything is to your satisfaction and eyes are a match and fat stays in lips. I wish you the bets. :) Have a great weekend! Summer is finally coming to an end :(.
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Hi, I been using Vitamin E oil, which has worked Great

1 more thing

Also starting My Laser soon, since Fall is approaching, I am Proceeding with My Laser treatments......


great...it is so hot here and humid...i feel like I will go crazy from the burning and itching behind my ears...wanted to be sure Vit e is the way to go! I have capsules and I have the Palmer's oil, but the capsules seem better Many thanks!
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