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Hey everyone, so im looking into getting a breast...

Hey everyone,
so im looking into getting a breast augmentation through Dr. Wayne Yamahata in Sac. Ca. Ive done all the research I can on him and am so far pleased, now just looking for real life stories from his patients. I am now an A and want to become a full C. looking for the natural teardrop look.
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I'm looking for the same A to C. I've posted soooo many wish pics, at this point I'm just confused about everything! Lol. Do you know when you want to have your surgery? I'm getting mine done Oct 30th and can't wait!! ~Silly hugs!~
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Welcome to RealSelf! Have you had a doctor consult yet? Here are some important questions to ask during your visit. Feel free to share your stats and some wish boob photos. This way we can get a better idea of the look you are seeking. Keep us posted!

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