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I'm a 35 yr old mother of a 5yr old & 4yr old...

I'm a 35 yr old mother of a 5yr old & 4yr old.I`ve been wanting to this since I was 16 but waited until I can afford it. now I'm ready. I did a lot research; have consulted with 4 surgeons. all 4 doctors said the same thing - more natural under the muscle, go with silicon. 1 doctor said he can do it under the armpit the rest said under the breast because its safer. I'm confused about which size I should choose. I'm 5`1 113lbs 34A. My goal is C+ low D cup size. In the beginning I thought 400cc will meet that but after meeting w/ the 4th doctor he says it will nit fit my breast space; he was adamant about 330cc, I wasn`t too thrilled. I decided on 360cc. He is against it he the thinks it will have more negative repercussions in the future. I think his recommendation will not be any bigger than the 2cup size bra I wear.

Can anyone give me advice? if you are the same size as me preopt what do you think? the doctor couldn't really give me any idea. I chose him because he has 30yrs of experience & was very knowledgeable. the only thing he didn't have in his office was the sample size I want or the computer simulator so I can see how it might look like on me.

Good luck on your surgery on 12/20. My BA is the same day! Nervous but at the same time very excited!
confussed, Okay I was 34/36 AA I am 5'4" 140 pounds now. True pounds..... I went from nothing to 550cc. I measured 13. and nipple to nipple it was I believe 7. Well anyway, I was told by 4 PS also I could not go more then 400cc Silicone Gel High profile. I was so upset with that!! I asked the PS I trusted the most what were my options... He said Ultra High Profile. Style 45 Natrelle Gel. SO I trusted him so much I went with Ultra high Profile at 550cc. I'm a full D and loving every bit of it. I look huge in the pic's but when your in front of me, I look like a small D but I'm am so NOT!! They have finally dropped and keep dropping each day. I went to PS yesterday he took photo's which he will never do until 4 months. I'm perfect read more on my last few weeks profile. I wanted to cry. They are so perfect it's scarrrrryyyy. lol good luck talk to me if you need info. I'm honest and I will tell you this much. If you want bigger go UHP. I trust my Dr. I look good at 6 1/2 weeks not one bruise which my PS said you should never get a bruise if your breast were done the correct way. Ask questions... and also you will loose 50cc under ask him that question. : ) look at my profile pics.
I respect my PS but I was a 34/36 AA and went 550cc ultra high profile that is the only size and style that would fit me. I could not go 550cc with HP it was too wide. I could not go bigger then 400 CC if I went with HP. My PS said I could rock it out with Ultra high Profile Style 45 Silicone Gel and that is the largest. I measured a 12 1/2 to 13 so I went big and I love it. It was as big as I could go and I'm so happy. I'm a full D sometimes in certain bra's DD but don't look at cup sizes because implants do not fit into normal bras they need more room and so therefor you need to go larger. but I'm def. a size D. Check into that. And also you loose a bit if your going under as the PS that one too. that is huge . my friends did not know that and they were upset after. So be happy ask alot of questions about size shape and profile. Style you know what I mean. Good luck let me know. : )
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He was recommended by a friend. Of the 4 doctors I met w/ he was the only one w/ 30 yrs of experience in plastic surgery of all kinds & for the 12 or so years been doing breast augmentation. He was the only one which educated me about my body and how much it can hold. he was also the lowest cost.

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