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Botox Not Worth It if Your Wrinkles Are Deep - Sacramento, CA

The Botox website shows the effects on several...

The Botox website shows the effects on several women of various ages from the 3rd day to 2 weeks after the injection, so I was encouraged it would work for me. I'm 53 and had the injection between the brows and while I can't use the frown muscles for now, it did nothing to diminish the creases there.

I let the dr. know and went in to have them take a look but they said the wrinkles would not diminish but they wouldn't increase either. Not what I wanted to hear after the fact. Had I known, I would not have wasted my money. I won't have it done again.


If your lines are deep, this is from many years of movement. You cannot expect to see these lines that took years to appear disappear with one treatment of botox. It can take several treatments of botox and several months of lack of muscle movement for them to go away.
I just wish more people were informed on procedures such as botox and realize that for people with severe movement lines, this is not an instant cure after the first treatment...it takes time, time, time and lack of muscle movement (and proactive skin care including exfoliants) to smooth the really deep ones over.
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I was told by my doctor on my first visit that Botox would not work if a woman waited until her 50's and the lines were too deep! That doctor should have told you that before injecting. There are still things you can do, but they are probably going to be more intensive than the Botox. Sorry someone took advantage and wasn't honest with you upfront about it.
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The dr. should have explained the Botox would not make the wrinkles/creases diminish. Very disappointing for them to knowingly let me waste my money.

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