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Love Latisse, Looking for Good Mascara to Go with It - Sacramento, CA

My lashes were short,fine and I also wanted them...

My lashes were short,fine and I also wanted them to be darker. My eye doctor recommended Latisse and I purchased it just to try. I love it! That is why I want to find a good mascara as not to damage the new lashes.

I have been using Latisse and love the product. I would like to use a mascara that will keep my new lashes long and soft without causing damage to them. Can you recommend any good products? Thank you

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I second the comment about Dior Show...even having not started with Latisse yet (waiting for my order!), it is a kick-butt mascara!
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I use Lancome's oscillating (vibrating) mascara. I love it! It works really well.
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Dior Show is by far my favorite mascara. Try going on sephora.com and read the reviews.
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go online and get yourself blinc kiss me mascara. It's Tubing, NOT mascara. Read up on it and buy it. It's a whole new experience :) Good luck
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