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Breast Lift & arm lift .... - Roseville Ca

June 4,th I go in for my breast/arm lift..... arms...

June 4,th I go in for my breast/arm lift..... arms are free....
after 4 children and 61lbs lost, it's taken a toll.....
Pre-op done, had with MY FL, Pre-op....
count down is on...
I have enough Volume, that I don't need implants, and would rather not have anyway...
Looking forward to be "Perky' Again...

Breast & Arms, here we Go....

My MD Is Richard P.Clark not MD .... that is on here....

Arms Breast Lift.....

I am having a Breast Lift and arms lifted on the same day.... Next week is the consult for my thighs/butt as well!!!!! So having 3 surgeries in total, to finish my transformation after a 61lb weight loss.... Tomorrow is Surgery#1 on face.... to be continued
All the best to you...it's a journey to say the least, but we are so worth it! It took me years to realize that...I never thought I would be spending this kind of money on me...that could have been a new car for the hubby, but this is better for all of us!!!!
Good luck with your facelift tomorrow! Sounds like you've lost some significant weight and now you're putting the finishing touches on your transformation. Will you have enough time to recover from your facelift before your breast lift? Let me know if your doctor info is correctly listed now. (What city is he in?) Keep us posted!


I am recovering from MY FL, so just chillin, go to md Monday, then surgery Wednesday.... will get meds filled Monday....Looks like a long few weeks for KAD..
I'm so glad you have the volume to just get a breast lift. Even if you were unsure I think it's best to get the lift first. You can always come back for implants. At the time I didn't think I had the time or funds to do mine in two procedures. My doctor said the results are usually better doing a lift first. In my case I had so much damage from the ruptured implants that I would have had really small breast. I admire women that explant and go natural but feel lucky that we all have choices to do what we feel is best. I will be getting arms lifted in the fall. My doc cannot believe my weight loss was only 30 lbs. My arms look like I have had a 100 lb weight loss. What is really strange is that I worked out until I turned 50 and had beautiful sculpted arms. In the eight years that I gained weight (50-58 years old) my body changed so much. Two years ago I became a certified personal chef and hired a trainer. I have never felt better and now I would like to tighten up whatever I can. You are a champion my friend and an inspiration like so many other women on Real Self.

tomorrow The Big day

Wow, Time to get ready, bag up peas for comfort.... bed clothes, meds, etc...
ready to go for round 2.... of perking up, this 50+ yr old... then later late summer round #3... Bottom 1/2.....
Good luck tomorrow! We'll be anxiously awaiting your update. I agree with @Newmeaug13...you're brave and inspirational to many of us!
Beth H... Thanks so much ...I am a Trooper... 2 down 1 to go, may still have to do upper eyes, swelling obviously has to subside, so we can actually tell, But I believe so, IF that is the case, will in Sept when I do leg and Behind..BETH, I am over the moon with My results...
I'm so happy to hear this. Sounds like you're doing great. Congratulations!!


A quickie, Pressed for time....
Today The big Day... wish me Luck!!!!!
Here goes nothing .... Photos later
You have been on my mind. I know you will check in when you are up to it. Hope everything went well. Sending ((hugs))
Thanks sweetie Doing Wonderful....
You are in my prayers, can't wait to hear how it all went. I'm sure you know this, but for me the best thing was wearing the arm sleeves they gave me additional support, I felt all nice and tight, I wore my way beyond what I needed too, they were like my support blanket...They help with keeping the scar from spreading. I had the breast and arms done at the same time too...can't wait to hear how you are doing!

Whistle while you lift

Hi All,
First off I am absolutely ECSTATIC,I mean ECSTATIC, about My Breast and arm lift, I look like I have the breasts of a 30yr old childless woman and arms Perfect...
I fell asleep after med's but during my arms , it was 11am, MY normal wkout time, well my body knew that and yep wide awake , I was in a twilight sleep, and wouldn't fall back to sleep... well MD staff playing name that tune or name that book, etc... So I played along during my arms.... MY HS friend 1 of my nurses, it was actually quiet something, 1 for the books...and FUN, I got many answers even on drugs LOL...

Needless to say... I can't be any happier, NO pain in breasts, mild in arms, Much easier than face, Glad i did that first...( and the Expert Artist that he is,Sure thats why DR.Richard P. Clark) did it that way....
Can't express enough what a wonderful, Md & Staff they are.... My Dreams are coming true..... will post pic's later ....
How long did this take K? Im thinking of having my breasts lifted just a bit and having brachioplasty if the dr agrees. I have a mild sag, but enough for me to want to forgo sleeveless anything. Going to ask about this on last day before I head home. I just worry about # hours. Oh, and was it local plus meds?
MiMomBA Yes Local Plus meds- a Breeze, Think 4 hours, about.... SO worth it, seriously I am SO HAPPY ~ They look better than they ever have... and arms like you, I hated wearing short sleeves, I felt like I'd take off Like sally Field in the flying Nun, or Dumbo~ LOL... You won't regret, seriously...
So happy to hear from you and what fantastic news!!! Enjoy your perky boobs and awesome arms. So jealous as want my arms done so bad!! Rest rest rest!!! ((Hugs))

Day 2

went to Md, all is wonderful, but watching 1 side, for blood, But feel great, My arms Look awesome, stitches, hardly see... I'm elated..... Dr.Clark is The man to see, He Is Excellent A++++++++++++
So happy to hear that things are going well. I really want my arms done next fall but of all the surgeries this one really scares me with scars and puckering. I'm going to work out really hard. The outside of my arms and biceps respond so well to exercise but the the unders... Not a pretty site. I have seen so many that are not happy after surgery and still will not go sleeveless. It's so great to hear you are happy. How long will you need to wear the compression garment?
Yeah. I typically can ignore my tricept area, except when I am driving in short sleeved top, and my daughter asks why my arms are so fat and hang_y:( Boo. Young children are ruthless. My hubby has relented on this surgery as well since he knows this one has bugged me for decades. I have been picking off the most critical first, and then heading back around to this one again. My BA was quite nice, but I have to have a small lift if I want my nips up higher (which was the whole point for me anyway-why do doctors insist on implants rather than just say "get a lift") I kind of liked my breasts but they sagged and just wanted them higher. Ah, well. So I will ask my doctor here about a small lift and brachioplasty for next Winter. I will do nothing, however, until I am certain I can get a good result without puckering and terrible scarring. A little scarring-worth it. Bad stitching and scars.....I won't bother.
So true... Before facelift 4 year old grandson said Nana you are pretty but your face is really old. After facelift he said Nana you look really weird! His 6 year old brother said how did you bonk your head? Alrighty then....

Day #3

Pain almost all gone, Perky as a teen ager, Beyond Happy... arms tender, But Look like a teen too... can't wait to work out and get that definition... Then My legs & Butt done....ALL The work has made me more up lifting and Ecstatic about Myself Life & working out...Best Thing I have ever done for my self.... Life Changing.....
MY results Beyond My wildest dreams.... Over Joyed....

Day 5 better & better

MD today, stitches out...will upload picture soon... Crazy here bare with me...
My breasts are AMAZING better than ever in my life, perky full and firm... I am over joyed, and arms, You can see the definition, from my working out already from before.... I had wings... and now thin toned and tight, small incision...I Have a Phenomenal, Doctor.... NO doubt about It.... Over Joyed, My Fiancee, is... He said, You are staying with Dr. Clark for ALL tweaks needed, in the future... MY transformation is Life changing.... My moral has change 100% I am happy Optimistic and Feel darn Good in my skin.... My hard work of losing weight and Looking like I feel is no longer a dream, Its Coming True, and Dr. Richard P. Clark has made that happen...
Thinking about you... Hope all is well and you are behaving yourself!
OH New me, Nope was a very bad girl... paid for it... all better now, back to taking it easy
KAD don't over do it! You don't want a set back on those beautiful arm. What is the downtime for your arms. At least two weeks right?

8 days~

still, recouping.... stitches out soon,over did, Monday & Tuesday.... had to catch up with Life.... Ugh... paid for it... just wiped me out... tender, itchy but Love results. still bruising , but only 1 week... Expected... Can't express, How wonderful I feel, Finally a Good nights sleep been 2 weeks of up and down all night with the 2 surgeries back to back OH I am happy I am waiting til Sept for #3... Okay here arms

after Pictures

after photos
Are you wearing support sleeves? Just wondering, I loved mine, they made my arms feel so nice and tight as they were healing. They became like my security blanket, I didn't want to give them up...My surgeon didn't give me any or even tell me about them I found them on line...
Mine were too big - where you get Yours Az I'm ordering- let me know :) thanx
I love to hear how well you are recovering. My LBL and arm lift is in 3 days. Considered doing them separately but what the hell, let's get it over with in one hit, I'm a tough old gal. Like u, I can't wait to get some definition into my arms, just have to control myself and not start back too soon. I look forward to watching your progress. Congrats!

2 weeks Tomorrow

Went to MD today, I had fluid on left arm, drained as soon as stitches came out..YAY.... Breasts Perky as can be... I couldn't be more happy... My arms are tight and small, incisions, coming along nicely... I have had the most AWESOME & PERFECT, results .... Minimum down time.....
Just happy as can be... more Like Over joyed.... can't wait for the complete package to be complete...... =) what an amazing transformation....
So happy that you are loving your results!!! Happy Healing!!!
Wonderful KAD!! Amazing arms with a great stitch! I may have to fly out to see Dr Clark for my arms! I'm serious!
New I'll hook you up- no kidding let me know- I'll mention to him on Thursday!

healing & More healing

Doing well, still, have fluid on left arm, I just squeeze out... don't need MD to, do daily, I am a big girl =) I had my ace bandage too tight & had Hot dog finger's, what a sight.... LOL, all better now...
Breasts as perky and firm as can be, will post photo in my sports bra, not down for posting My breasts... -sorry-
I am SOOOO Thrilled to have a wonderful & caring MD who is #1 in his field....
healing well, and feeling fine
I never had great breast , wait, I never had even good breasts before, so they didn't really matter that much to me. I had the breast lift/implant more to get the hubby on board with all the surgeries I wanted. Well the first time I walked past the mirror in the bathroom when I was naked and caught a glimpse of my new breasts I almost cried...I had no idea what a difference having perky breast made. It completely changed my body. Never knew how important they were....
It's true, isn't it. They really transform a torso. I had always had fairly nice small breasts, then out of nowhere gained and lost 25lb in a year or so. The first thing to tank.....my breasts. So, I had a neck lift to fix my turkey waddle (also brought on by the weight gain/loss), then thought about breasts as an after thought since every time I lost weight ( active lifestyle), my breasts deflated. I am really happy, except wish I had gone for smaller implant with lift (220 cc's instead of 350 cc's). I was told lift was unnecessary with 350 cc's, and now that is not the case. Ah well:))))))
I agree, when I get mine changed out I am going smaller, I said 325cc but told the surgeon what you think will be a nice C....I ended up with 370 cc and they are a D....When I used to roll them up and stuff them in a bra I was always a nice C....Lol

day 19

Each day getting better 7 better, wednesday, @ 3 weeks will post more photos...
Left arm, still some seepage , but getting less and less... =) Soreness subsiding,and starting to feel like myself again... Face still edema, and assuming arms & breast too... Loving My results...

1 month

Here are photos of my breasts and arms...
My incisions are getting better & better, no issues at all, and I am perky as can be..
I will get some additional, surgery for my back, to smooth out under arms...
I have my 4week ck up today... I am over joyed with My results, and can't wait to finish my transformation.... This is life changing after losing 61 lbs...
I will up date soon again, Life is busy here lately.....
I read your arm lift review. Congrats!!! I saw your arm pics b4 and i have to say they looked good. no hanging loose skin or bat wings. Did your ps suggest the arm lift. I just did lipo on mine june 18th I liked your b4 pics,i think your arms didn't need a lift! Either way,you look great!

1 month 1 week & almost scarless

I am in awe, of My surgeon, Really I am... I am ecstatic over my results... My scars are almost non visible, will get a breast photo too this week... My breasts were, so bad, nipples were looking at my feet, now,up high perky as when a teen, NO KIDDING!!!! My Fiancee, is AMAZED!!!!! he admitted he was scared , to death of my surgeries, and Honestly afraid, I would end up like frankenstein, But, he now welcomes , my next surgery, and on going care, and maintenance.... My arms, are tight thin, and tomorrow, I will start back strength, training, then watch out, muscle mania...=) Ladies, You want the best See Dr. RICHARD P.CLARK!!!! You won't regret it.
hey my bay area sista. looking fabulous ;)
Hey Sista, been so darn busy!!!! How Goes it!!!
It's been so HOT!!! I woke up sick today,i feel horrible. I 'm glad you're doing well and staying busy.

week 9

My breasts and arms are AMAZING!!!!! scars almost gone on both, will post photos ! I am amazed at how, fast they are healing....Both look like I was a young woman again, I am perky and Have tight slim arms.... Don't second guess go see DR.Clark
Yes they are!!!!!!!!!! I love your thin arms,i feel like popeye,
LOL bella Me too!!!!
TGIF!!! Enjoy your weekend :)
Richard P. Clark

A True Professional. and artist.... Richard P. clark and Staff are Top Quality, with a Capital T... I trust Dr. clark and Staff completely... No sale Job, here, You get a True opinion, and out look on what to expect... Staff, Friendly and Informative... If You want a Real Artist who knows how to turn back the clock, Call Dr. Clark, If you want a salesman, and hear what you want to hear go else where...

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