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I have 450cc of silicone in each breast and after...

I have 450cc of silicone in each breast and after 12 years, I'm finally removing them, not to be replaced. I'm going back to an A/B from a full C cup. I've been wanting to do this for approx. 3 yrs., and now have a date of 8.22.13.

My surgeon has warned me about the shock of the removal, so, I'm sort of ready, but, I guess I won't know until after the bandages, etc. have been removed. I'll let you all know after the surgery.
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You will be so happy. Mine were in for 9 yrs and I had them removed 7 days ago. I went from a 36c to a 36DD. I hated them, they felt heavy and fake. I am 7 days post op and still wearing a support bra. I had drain in for 4 days ( Jackson pratts) they did collect a lot of blood. The pocket that they put the implant into in the muscle does not get re stitched, so the blood drains from their. I was in pain for the first three days. My breast don't look that much different from 9 yrs ago! nothing that a good Victoria Secret bra wont take care off. You will feel great, Implant free.!!!
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That's why this site is helpful! We get to see others results so we are prepared for our own We all pretty much go through the same thing
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Thanks so much for staring your story on RealSelf! Here's a list of supplies you might find helpful for recovery. I'll be thinking of you on the 22nd!

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I am sure you will be thrilled with your results. I know I am. I really can't understand why the bulk of these PS tell everyone they will be disfigured or shocked. If you read the profiles on here you will see most of the women are ready to be implant free and natural and are thrilled with their results! Best of luck to you!
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