It is Good but Does Not Last Five-ten Years As Promised - Russia

It is ok, no major changes in the face features,...

It is ok, no major changes in the face features, no troubles with the lips shape, seems rather natural. The lifting was done two and a half years ago but the skin gets sagged little by little, now I am thinking again what else to do... If to repeat the lifting there is a risk to become a plastic Barbie.

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Well,i believe that most doctors today only do a cutanious lift 'skin lift' as its much less invasive and quicker,and how are we to know what we,ve had done when were out for the count?
I think at most,a facelift only tends to last 4 years at most,of course there are the exceptions.!
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I have done facelift in Prague, Czeck Republic 5 days ago. It was a so-called SMASS lift, which supposedly takes care of the underlying layers of tissue, not just skin. The surgery lasted 3 hours. I sure hope for results to last longer than 4 years!!!!!! I will keep you posted.
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Thanks for sharing your experience in our facelift community. Have you gone back to your doctor to ask about the sagging?

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