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I had liposuction 4 weeks ago on my stomach, hips,...

I had liposuction 4 weeks ago on my stomach, hips, upper and lower back. I had trouble sleeping because every way I tried to sleep was very painful. My doctor took out almost 5 liters of fat. Many people are comparing it to a really good workout. However, it felt like I was in labor for the first 2 weeks. Although i still have swelling, my results so far are nice but I am not sure if I would do it again. I am going to wait until my 6 week mark to decide if I would recommend this procedure to anyone else. If you are considering getting this procedure done I would suggest preparing yourself mentally for the pain because it can be very depressing.
I agree! Had inner/outer thighs and flanks done about 6-7 weeks ago and I am still having tenderness and numbness in places. Definitely NOT a walk in the park. I used same doc as you and LOVE him (he also did my tummy tuck and breast lift last summer - that was a heck of a lot worse - but he did such an awesome job!! I'm hoping that my weird numb feeling in my lower back goes away soon and that my thighs start feeling better soon - it's annoying! Hang in there!!
How are you feeling now? I had mine about 5 weeks ago, and I hope what I see is still swelling......
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My doctor was great! Answered all my questions and made sure I would be happy with my results.

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