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I am a 29 year old mother of two. I never breast...

I am a 29 year old mother of two. I never breast fed my babies but your boobs still change and never are the same regardless. Before I had kids I was uber confident with my body and really loved the way I looked. After my first child my nipples were bigger and looked weird on my B boobs. After my second child my boobs got so big that I had stretch marks and after they went down they are saggy and uneven. I have never in my life been so self conscious about my body. I actually hide from my hubs and I am embarrassed. He has never once made me feel anything but beautiful, but it really isnt about him. I want to look in the mirror and feel great about myself and not ashamed. Having kids does a number on the body and I want to return to my former glory..lol My husband is out of the country on deployment and I am wanting to be one hot mama for him when he gets home. I have been to consultations, chosen a doc, and scheduled my surgery. Its in 3 weeks and I am really excited. That being said, I am also so nervous and have anxiety about the surgery and complications. It didnt help that my mother in law sent me and email littered with links to boob job horror stories.....um thanks?


Congratz on ur new boobies. I have 4 kids ages 16thru 21 and like u i decided it was time to give myself a gift. I'm happy for u, I had mine done 8 days ago and just now its comíng more bearable to massage. I also had brusing, but now its almost faded. WHAT size did u get?
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Lol don't know WHAT just happened I was posting this comment on someone else's review and after it post I seen I posted to your review..lol dont know how that happened but weird. I was doing it from my phone so I guess it was acting up anyways Congratz on ur decision so happy for u. I'm sure your gonna love them. I don't know y I waited this long. Keep us posted on ur journey to new boobies :)

Okay, you win the award for best review title! :0)

Yeah, what your MIL did was not helpful. She probably just thought she was educating you, but I'm sure it wasn't what you wanted to hear/read right now.

Pregnancy, even without breastfeeding, sure can change your breasts. I'm glad you're able to get this done for yourself.

Keep us updated!

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