Latisse Worked but the Brush Should Not Be Used - Roswell, GA

Pros: It made my eyelashes grow. I had short...

Pros: It made my eyelashes grow. I had short stubly lashes, but now they are definitely thicker and fuller. I used Revitalash with great success before. I am hoping to have greater success with Latisse. Bonus Pro: My fiance noticed and commented on my lashes-and for a guy to do means more ladies.

Cons: The brushes they give you are terrible quality. It feels scratchy and the product always spreads to the other end of the brush, so you waste the product. Buy an eyeliner brush and reuse it, just clean it after each use.

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They didn't even do a consult. They just let anybody with $120 come in and buy it. There was no prescription writing. They just gave me the product and turned around to chat to each other.

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I walked into Kai med spa in Sandy Springs and I bought Latisse for 120.00. All they asked me for was my name address and took my payment. Never talked to a doctor. Three days later my eyes are red and left eye twitching!
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Sorry to hear about the side effects bella7. Have you considered going to your doctor or ophthalmologist to get checked out just to make sure everything is ok?

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Again, Latisse is a prescription drug. Period. Prescription drugs require a doctor's evaluation and a doctor's prescription. To simply walk in and buy it makes as much sense as being able to walk in and buy a blood pressure medication or an antibiotic. Blue Med Spa has three doctors on staff--a family doc, an anesthesiologist, and a vascular surgeon--not one of them is trained in plastics or dermatology. Stunning! But why am I not surprised. --DCP
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I had the same experience. I walked into Blue Med Spa and bought Latisse as if I was buying any other product they sold on the shelf. No doctor was around. I did have to sign a book though and the checkout girl gave me instructions. I had success with Revitalash so hoping for better results with Latisse. My eyes are a little itchy and red in the morning, but the lashes are definitely longer.
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Interesting experience with the people who sold it to you. Since it's a prescription product, the laws in most states require: 1) A medical exam by a licensed physician. 2) A prescription for the product (even if the physician is also dispensing it). What they did was both poor medical practice, but also quite illegal. You may wish to let the Georgia medical board know. --DCP
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I totally agree. The brush sucks. Another helpful way to use the drops is putting the drops in the lid and dipping a clean eyeliner brush in it. Just make sure to rinse the cap and clean the brush. My lashes do seem a bit longer. Been only a few weeks. I was using Revitalash for almost a year and doesn't seem thick at all. So hoping to get a "wow" too:)
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