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The day before the surgery I was soo scared. I...

The day before the surgery I was soo scared. I went to the doctors the day before surgery and cried to him.i really wanted to have it done.

Its been like three days since surgery.My nose looks scary bt the doc said thats normal and will look scary for a little bit.I guess hes right and its too early to say anything yet. I read on other peoples postings here that it gets better over time.The hardest part is dealing with the anathesia. I had to vomit at the hospital even after given nausea meds. I vomited out all blood cuz i swallowed blood during the surgery. I came home that day and threw up twice. The doc had me switch to other meds.

The first night be prepared to be up every 10 mins. You wil be sooo thirsty. As the night passes it gets better. Every night after that is better. I guess you get used to breathing out of ur mouth.

I will post later after having the aplint off. I really hope it turns out nice I have always wanted this too.Good luck to people out there

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The staff is friendly and wont pressuize you. The doctor was honest with me. He told me he cant give me someone elses nose. He gave me realistic answers. He even has flowers sent for his patients the second day.He will call even on weekends to check on you.

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i had rhinoplasty going on 6 weeks and it was well worth it i got sick too when i got home just once that was the worst part of it noone warned me that i would swallow blood and get sick yuk but once that was over with i was good , the days get easier and by next week you will be fine , i was back to work 9 days later ..
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Yeah it was just that first night was terrible.Each day I am doing better. I got the splint removed but my nose is still very swollen. I was so worried but as the days go by i see improvement.
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Thanks so much for sharing your story here on RealSelf. I'm sorry you had so much trouble with nausea. I remember that, too. It's awful.

Please come back and let us know how your nose looks once the splint is off. Hopefully you'll be thrilled!

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I got the splint taken off.Its only been a day. I hate the way my nose looks it scares me everytime I think about it. I could not sleep all night cuz its bigger and fatter now. He pushed the tip up and it looks even more bulbous now. It looks like a pig's nose.I know its too early to say anything cuz it hasnt even been a week since I have got then surgery done. I have been crying alot and just feel mentally unstable. Anything and everything makes me cry. I think im depressed. I know that it will take time but as the time im so worried. I wonder if everyone goes through this. At this point, I would take my old nose back in a heartbeat. I have thick skin so it will take even longer. I think that people should not mess with what god gave them. I would have never done all this if I had known. Maybe after its healed and i see the final result i will be happy. Even at that point I dont think its worth the pain, depression and just the emotional damage that comes along with all this. I feel like Im weird or a freak now. It could be cuz of the meds as well. Good luck to everyone. If someone with a simlar experience could reply it would make a feel better. I cant afford a revision or want to go through all this stuff even again. I just hope it will heal and not look so big and piggy like
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Unknown86, I'm sorry you're so unhappy with your results. If you'd be comfortable posting photos, that would help us visualize what you're describing. Is there anyone, a trusted friend, family member or therapist you could talk to about this, to help you get on a more even keel? Also, have you expressed your concerns to your surgeon?

Thinking about you. Please let us know how you're progressing.

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Yes I will be posting pictures soon.Actually my nose is improving each day. Im so glad yea I was really down. I got really scared, it was the swelling and stuff that scared and the meds make you crazy. This website is just awesome. I did talk to the surgeon as well and he was happy about me sharing my concerns and was a wonderful listener. I am doing great and could not be happier.Everything was well worth and its only the 8th day today and im seeing improvements.Thanksssss
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Angiemcc, by the way your nose looks great and a beautiful smile!Thanks for replying
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Thank you for your kind words. I have days where I really hate my nose still (one nostril has collapsed since my revision) but all in all I'm glad I had it fixed. Looking forward to seeing your photos and I'm SO glad you're feeling better about your nose.

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