Azalaic Acid

Azalaic acid makes a huge difference to my rosacea...

Azalaic acid makes a huge difference to my rosacea. I missed using it for a week and I couldn't work out why I was back to being red and blotchy. Go back to my azalaic acid and the red is gone.

Try any 15% azalaic acid wash or cream from the pharmacy and see what happens.

It's come to my attention that some places have...

It's come to my attention that some places have azalaic acid creams only by prescription and they may be considered a controlled or regulated drug in some places. (But my country allows it in products purchased over the counter.)

Ensure you get permission or a prescription if the law of your country requires one.
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I don't know this finacea product. I live in Australia where it's the active ingredient of a very inexpensive cream called azclear.
It may be that products containing azalaic acid are Prescription based in your country. That is unfortunate. Perhaps there are alternatives and generics a doctor can prescribe.
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Finacea is an RX and costs about $80-100. (US) I can get the Azalaic here because it's on Amazon if I can't find it locally. Certainly worth a try. Thanks for the info.
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Well please make sure you have a prescription from your doctor if it's an fda controlled or regulated product that requires a prescription... Its not worth getting in trouble for the sake of a less reddish face.
(as a side note, Australia requires a prescription for azo and I can't import or buy azo without permission, yet we can buy azalaic acid cream over the counter. Subtle legal differences between our drug licensing agencies can make a big difference to the consumer.)
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Hi - I didn't have a chance to get to the drugstore yet, but no way I'll be able to buy it OTC if I need an rx. I saw a few things on Amazon: 20% Azelaic Acid *Rosacea Treatment *Acne *Dark Skin Spots Red SkinTreatment By Better Complexions by Better Complexions -
Buy new: $79.99 $24.99 - so I'm thinking I may be able to buy it locally. My Rosacea isn't terrrible, but could be better, and I'd like NOT to spend $100 on Finacea!
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I just googled Azaliac - it's the main ingredient in Finacea, which I use, but Finacea costs a fortune!
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I've not heard of this treatment before, but will try to find it. Thanks for the tip. I've had laser, but the improvement is VERY temporary and it's expensive.
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Nope. Just over the counter. The difference shows in about two days. I recommend absolutely.
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HI priestess, 

This is such great information for the Rosacea community! Was this something your doctor had to perscribe? 



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