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Sooo happy I decided to go through with this BA....

Sooo happy I decided to go through with this BA. I've been wanting Breast implants since I was 17. I was nrver happy with my non full B cup. It was on the border line between A cups to B cups. after giving birth to my son my breast gotten super saggy... I finally decided to go with the process in late Feb of this year. I was told by one of the assistants there remember after the swelling your breast will drop and it'll shrink a tab bit. So when I went for my pre op to get the measurements and cc's she started with 400ccs and worked up to 600ccs. The 600ccs mad me look super tiny waist down. Lol so I told her to take some out and I end up going with 575 CCS which brought my breast size to 34 DDs. So the day of my sx I went there with an empty stomach. Got there early morning went straight to the anesthesia room. Undressed and got my gown on with my hair net. Waited about 20 mins after the assistants came in went through everything with me then the guy comes in and says " you won't remember walking into the surgery room" within 5 seconds I was out cold. I remember waking up while I was getting the surgery done. But they told me to go back to sleep and next thing u know it I woke up in the recovery room cold ass shit. I felt a lot of pressure on my chest. I was wrapped like a mummy. I remember my bf looking at me while I was laying on the bed. He said you're so pale... And yes I was BC it was freezing so the lady gave an extra blanket to me. She went thru the after care with my bf. On the ride home my bf had to carefully drive slow while going on the bumps. I was still drowsy from the meds I remember walking up my apartment step by step slowly. Later on that night my stomach got really bloated and my bf was so worried he called my doctor after hour and left a message. He immediately called back and said its normal its BC I havent used the restroom. The first 2 days were a bit blurr. I slept on my back for about a good week. With the sports bra... It can get uncomfy. I went back to get my stitches removed I want to say a week later. Dr. Lee took pictures and they shown me how to massage it and all. After that I basically started buying bras but I still prefer my sport bras.. I still had slight swelling but it went down after a month later. No heavy lifting. And I didn't work out for a while. I was a gym freak before my sx. I did put on a few pounds. I have a follow up this sept. But overall I love my new babies. Next surgery will be a BBL. If any of you ladies are looking for a BBL partner by the end of next year 2015 with dr. Fisher in Miami lmk.


Roseville Plastic Surgeon

Super nice. Goes through all the procedure before and after. Great staff super friendly. Upbeat n very fast pasted. Really professional.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Dr lee is great
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They look really good girl! How are you recovering!?
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Thank you!! Recovery is swell... Haven't been lifting heavy scared I might pull a muscle buy overall its great! @esummergirl
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What profile?
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They look perfect. .omgosh...I think yours, will be my " wish boobies"! Lol... glad your all recovered & feeling good. Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you!! Certainly these bad boys can be ur wish boobies lol. Best wishes for u... @stephyrae
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Thank you @virelas ... how did that rose tattoo feel so near your implant?
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Did not feel a thing. I thought it'll hurt BC everyone kept saying chest area hurts the most but it was nothing. Def going back for the other side to get done. @stephyrae
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Subglandular or under the muscle they look really good
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I love him! I'm 6 weeks post op! What is you height/weight if you don't mind me asking? And did you get saline or silicone? I have yet to buy any bras I really am hoping I'm a 34DD though. I love them and do wish I'd have gone a tad but bigger but overall they're awesome. You look great by the way!
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He is a great surgeon... Wished he did BBL too! Lol but I'm 5'1 and before my BA I was 117-119.. I put on a lot of weight after my sx. Stopped going yo the gym BC of no heavy lifting. And I got saline. I actually bought some bras before I got them done. They say not to purchase any BC the swelling n it'll drop. And yes it did but my bras still fits perfectly. And I wished I stuck with the 600ccs hahha. And yours look awesome ass well!! @Niyasmommy
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