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7 days until surgery and im extremely scared and...

7 days until surgery and im extremely scared and nervous and anxious and excited,all mix emaotions. I am aware that i was suppose to quit smoking but yeah it aint as easy,i have went from 10 cigarettes to 2 cigarettes a day but today im going to try not have at all. I have emailed my surgeon and see what he says about me and my smoking and if the surgery will proceed or be cancelled,so im holding thumbs. If the surgery proceeds ill be going for 320 cc Silicone behind the muscle.


My surgeon had me sign a waiver to be nicotine free 30 days prior to surgery and two weeks post-op or surgery would be cancelled and deposit NOT refunded. Several other surgeons in Phoenix had the same policy. they said they were tired of incisions not healing properly, unhealthy circulation, and bad appearance outcomes caused by nicotine in any form. needless to say I quit using online videos at holy crap it was so horrid I'll never smoke again because I don't want to quit again. i look back on my results and read a lot of reviews on here as well. Tomorrow I'm having 2 more procedures
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I quit 2 weeks before & 2 after. I used no after cream & have absolutely no scarring whatsoever. Good luck on your journey!!!
I quit smoking two weeks before & was smoking two weeks after. I have little to no scarring & I'm 8 weeks out. Just don't over do it, you'll be fine. It's PS jobs (and non smokers) to convince you to quit, regardless of the risk. Like someone previously stated, as long as you aren't back to back smoking I think you'll be fine.
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