Considering a Breast Reduction

I'm a single mother of two boys, I'm 21 and have...

I'm a single mother of two boys, I'm 21 and have dealt with the weight an pain's of large boobs. I'm 5'2 115 lbs and carrying D's is really a pain. I would be complete if I could get this procudure. It was alright till effects of a child took over and now I'm just very uncomfortable. Please anyone who thinks or has had this done,Let me know what changes it made for you.


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We are close in size and this was one of the best things I ever did for myself.   I feel good, pain free, self confidence is back, don't feel like an old lady with big boobs,  and getting dressed is fun.  

You will feel amazing:)

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My patients who have breast reductions are some of my happiest patients. You need to be doing it for the right reasons. Back pain, headaches, limitation of activity, are all legitimate reasons for a reduction. It is not a cosmetic procedure. Good luck.
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