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I just got the Phase Zero (I'm a patient) my main...

I just got the Phase Zero (I'm a patient) my main reason for getting the ClearCorrect was my permanent retainer broke (it was over 10 years old) and my teeth shifted. Fast. In the time between getting my impressions and receiving the Phase Zero my teeth had shifted even more. I appreciate having Phase Zero so my teeth will be where they were during the impressions by the time Phase 1 gets here, so that it will be less painful I hope. My dentist was super happy to see it as well seeing that there is pressure being applied, at least in my case. I was the first in her office to receive it, and I got it at the approval appt. so there was no extra trip for me :) Thought I'd chime in as a new customer. It's given me time to practice talking with them in before the first set come in which I also like because I do phone support all day.

Plum Grove Family Dental

I did a search online when I had my permanent retainer crack and cause my gums to swell. Dr. Wang at Plum Grove Family Dental was the only one able to get me in quickly, and I'm thankful for that because she's the best dentist I've been to.

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Hi Katrina, have you gotten your phase 1 yet? I am waiting for mine to arrive as well.. can't wait!
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Hi Prm27! This review is actually a little bit older, so I do have my clear correct, I'm currently on Phase 3. It is exciting to see my teeth come together! Make sure you wear them as much as humanely possible when yours come! The biggest thing that helped me to wear them and get used to talking with them in was singing oddly enough. Let me know if you have any questions or anything :)
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Hi Katrina! I just got back from my ortho they had to shave my teeth with some kind on blade, ouch it hurt! I got Phase 1A now is not bad at all, i wish i was on phase 3 as well!! I feel like it is going to take forever:( but whatever it takes!! My bag says 1 of 28. How many trays do you have? Does that mean i get 28 upper and lower? I like your name, that's my mom's name too :) I'm going to try the singing lol i have trouble with the S and F. Thanks for replying!!!
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I do not remember having to do that, or perhaps I blocked it out haha! 1A was not too bad, the hardest adjustment was getting the brackets put on later on. My dentist did an amazing job of matching the color to my teeth though, so no one notices my brackets! That's the whole idea though, right? :) I had a horrible sinus infection...and couldn't breathe, so I can completely understand feeling like it will take forever, cause I fell behind from not being able to keep my braces in. So I went through a point where I felt like I would never be done with them, but I just keep focusing on the end! Keep thinking of the model picture they showed in the beginning lol. I think I have 25 trays, but I wont swear to it. I'll have to check tonight! And yes, each set has had a top and a bottom, at least for mine. Thank you about the name :) S, F, and T give me trouble...it brought great amusement to my co-workers! What's your main reason for getting them? I have had braces in the past, with a permanent retainer behind my two front teeth that broke, so my gap came back, plain as day. So I'm closing those up and improving on what the last set of traditional braces did for me! I can not wait :)
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Oh yes, the brackets, I am supposed to get 3 on my bottom teeth in 6 weeks from now.. They haven't told me how many on the upper as of yet. My ortho didn't show me a model picture of how my teeth will look like, I am going to ask for it on my next appointment! I need some motivation lol. I have never had braces before, I have crowding on my upper teeth, my left canine sticks out in front of the rest of the teeth and one of my front tooth is crooked. I didn't think I needed any correction on the bottom teeth but I guess they need to adjust the whole mouth in order for the bite to sit well. I wonder when will I be able to see some changes, I am just to impatient :D. I find the bottom tray scraping my tongue a bit when I speak, But i haven't tried taking them out yet. I am going to starve myself, these things better work!
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I've got 5 across the bottom, all those tiny teeth up front, and only 2 up top. You should ask if they have the model picture! It was fun to see when I was doing my evaluation how it would look after each phase. I wish I had a print out of it! I too am impatient, and need motivation lol. It's a pretty big commitment! Hopefully you'll see results quickly, it will make it much easier. The bottom tray gets easier, your tongue readjusts itself lol. Thankfully! Keep them in as long as you can, it's a weird mix of "ahh my teeth feel like they can breathe" / "oh my goodness they all feel tingly and awkward" when you take it out for the first time, and after new sets. It doesn't hurt...it's just weird! lol. I'm not sure how to describe it other than your teeth are getting a huge hug and then they get let go. You'll see a difference, I'm sure they will work :) Then you can start a review and share your journey too! And don't worry - I thought I was going to drop tons of weight, but didn't lol. It's still very easy to eat - just gotta clean those brackets well! Best of luck and feel free to keep me posted!
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