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Hi Everyone! I'm hoping I can get some advice...

Hi Everyone! I'm hoping I can get some advice from those who have had thier tummy tucks and are on the road to recovery. I'm scheduled for mine on 8/23/13. I've been scheduled before and had to postpone. I've already paid almost in full and am ready with all of my pre op's, etc. Here's the issue... yesterday I recieved a call that I got my "dream job". They have asked me to start on September 4th. It's an admin position full time. I'm a bit stressed over the timing. Considering that it's a new job, I'm not going to get any time off again for a year - on the other hand, am I going to be ok in 11 days in order to start working? It would only be part of the day Wednesday and then Thurs and Friday and then atleast the weekend again for really resting... or should I just hold off and hope I can get in sometime in the next year? Even then, I don't think I will have more than 2 weeks vacation accrued.... Any advice will be so greatly appreciated! Thanks


I would go for it.
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Thanks so much for you all's opinion. It's really got me stressed! Dr. T's office will not refund (understandably) so if I don't do the surgery within the year, I'm going to lose over 5k that I've already paid. Unfortunately, there is no shut down of the office at Christmas, etc. I'm going to talk to new job tomorrow to see if I can start on Monday the 9th - or even Friday the 6th..ugh... But thanks again to everyone for your input :-)
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If you're having a total TT with mr, 11 days to recover before starting a new job isn't enough time. You potentially might not even have both drains out. You'd probably be extremely exhausted, and who wants to start a dream job feeling like that?
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