Male Tummy Tuck for Loose Skin from Rapid Weight Gain - Rockville, MD

I've been contemplating this procedure for a...

I've been contemplating this procedure for a long time. I originally didn't think I would've needed the operation and often thought the skin would "snap" back to its original elasticity. However, I found that my body can only repair itself so much and found that there was nothing holistic nor natural I could do get back the tightness of my skin.

During my senior year of college, I had a lot of stress and anxiety which caused me to gain about 80 pounds over the course of maybe approximately 8 months (this is probably as close to a male giving birth to multiple babies as it gets). However, I was determine to lose the weight and go back down to my original weight. After all is said and done, I was left with stretch marks and loose skin. At first, I didn't notice it until I found the skin of my abdomen sagging when I was in a push up position.

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Nice work, looks like a great result. How long was it after the surgery until you went back to work?

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Hi DBoss
I am 4-1/2 weeks post op and I've been thinking my belly button seems a bit high too. Did you talk to your PS about it? Anything to report?
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Nice job!  Thank you for the post.  So when was your surgery?  Are you willing to share your doctors name and location? 

How has your recovery been so far and any advice you would like to share with others?
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