Well-known Doctor, but Not Professional in Lips Injections

I had Juvederm injected into my upper and lower...

I had Juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips to create fullness. I had my lips done on Wednesday thinking by Saturday I would look beautiful, well … you are right... I did my research and went to the top dermatologist, specializing in Juvederm in Rockville MD. I discussed with the doctor what exactly I want to achieve. He seemed to understand me well and started the procedure. He numbed the lips area and injected Juvederm in the middle of my lover lip, filled the top cupids bow and both sides of the top lip. On scale 1-10, the pain was 6 with the Juvederm.

The results are terrible... huge painful lumpy bit appeared on left side…Next day I rushed to the doctor’s office, he looked at me at told me that it was an infection and prescribed antibiotics to start taking on Saturday. I had a fever on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is Monday I still have bruising and painful weird looking lumps in my upper lip. My upper lip area is pale white; I can’t even cover it with makeup. Bad thing about all of my experience is that there is no plump lips shape; I have exactly the same lips that I had before with a huge lump inside my upper left lip (like I have a cold sore) and very visible wrinkle next to it.


Hi, I know exactly what your going through.. after a total of 1,300.00 and 2 well known doctors,and in a time span of only 2 months, I have nothing to show, not even larger lips, but I have a nice lower lip bump on the right side and the upper lip, smack dab in the middle are 2 bumps side by side hanging at the end of that upper lip...I call them my fangs..They have been going down, there is hope...Keep in mind it does go away after a few months...I know why lawsuits happen now..Hope I was of some help.In the future, I want them done again someday, but it would be worth it to go into the city of Boston, I live in the burbs in Ma., seemd that everyone I kno has been happy with the twice the price doctors...God knows, I have spent a nice nest egg for nothing, and, to all the Dr's that are taking money w/o results? you should be ashamed of yourselves, telling the patient and blowing it off like it means nothing when in fact you Dr's are failures with this practice. Thumbs up to the Dr.'s that write back and explain why we had problems. It narrows down to that Dr. that did the procedure. We wouldn't have any lumps if they knew what they were doing...hang in there..the doctors that write back are honestly great. They know their stuff!!! I wish they lived in Ma.
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