Interested in Revision to Switch HP Saline Implants to Silicone Gel Moderate Plus

I sought breast augmentation surgery because I...

I sought breast augmentation surgery because I have lived my life with very small breasts. I missed the curves I had during and after my pregnancies.

I am interested in getting a breast revision to switch to silicone gel. I am tall and thin and have modest 350cc HP saline implants. I would like to stay in the same size range, but decrease the projection a bit as well as widen the diameter.

Would moderate plus in the 350-400cc range create the small change I am seeking?


Merry Christmas! Xx
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Let me know if you have any questions.. Actually any of the women on here are just wonderful! I bet you're just beautiful as a natural lady bug. :) xx
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I echo yours thoughts. Curves are beautiful, as is small and sleek.
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