Liposdissolve Risks They Don't Tell You About

What you may not know if the lipodissolve on the...

What you may not know if the lipodissolve on the back of the thighs can cause a vascular issue called neovascularization. It is the appearance of very tiny purplish veins that may flush or mat after exercise etc. I got them this after one treatment and have had it for about one year. It is getting a little bit better but there is not treatment and may have permanently given my legs a bruised or spider vein look.

This treatment is simply not worth the risk. My provider said that women who use birth control pills may be at increased risk because the estrogen released with the fat can cause new vessels to grow since estrogen requires so much oxygen. Don't completely understand that explanation. This condition also occurs frequently after vein surgery.

I wish I could take this back and had never done this. Such a mistake to have any procedure done that is not FDA approved.


Thank you Sharon. I found it and put this comment there for people to read. I must say that I was grateful for this site. Even though I read more negative comments than positive I still found everything very eye opening and informative. Also I must add that the replies to my questions that I had for such as yourself were answered very quickly and professionally. Thank you.
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I am in Canada too (Toronto area) and I've had 2 treatments on my "love handles" at $1400 each. I saw a significant change after the first treatment and I'm still waiting to see if the second treatment will take me any further in shrinking the pockets of fat that start at the sides of my waist and wrap around to the back. I have the feeling I'm going to need at least one more treatment to get the results I'm hoping for before my wedding in July. I'd love to know if your Dr. is in my area so that I can take advantage of his much lower prices. If he is in my area, it would be so great if you could somehow get his name to me.



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