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23 Years Old and Need Some Opinions on What I Should Do About my Breasts - New City, NY

Hello all! I just recently discovered this website...

Hello all! I just recently discovered this website and am already addicted! I'm 23 years old, 5'4 and weigh about 145 with 34 G breasts. While I've always enjoyed having large breasts, I've recently lost some weight and have noticed that my breasts have decreased in size and have become more saggy. I love the look of fuller/perkier breasts (in most cases fake breasts) but am not sure how I can acheive the look I desire most with the least amount of scarring. I know there are different ways to do breast lifts, but I'm unsure if that will give me the overall look I really want, or if maybe a lift and implants would be better for me? I would also like to keep the scarring to a minimum - I've talked about this before with my boyfriend and have shown him before and after pictures and he thinks the scarring is very ugly. While I would be doing this for myself and myself only, I still want him to find me attractive and be as happy with the end result as I hope to be. Am looking forward to hearing any suggestions! Thanks! :)


they're awesome and perfect as they are. absolutely beautiful! I would do nothing but praise god. however, if you feel you need a lift, most procedures leave scarring. maybe, try looking into what is called the "internal breast lift" which is supposed to leave no scars. I've also seen on this site, dr hordenski, mini ultimate breast lift.... the picture shows no scars... it is of a lady who had her implants removed plus the mini ultimate breast lift also, on this site, ive seen a doctor's before and after photos of a scarless breast lift i think it was called the internal breast lift, she is somewhere in california, and her before and after pictures look great,,,, no scars.... but i cant find her right now, im so sorry
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okay, i found her...Lisa B. Cassileth in beverly hills. but her typical breast lift pictures have the scarring.... it is only in her implant removal with breast lift that she shows the internal breast lift pictures with no scars... they're incredible.. i called her office and i don't remember exactly what the lady quoted me on the phone, but it was freakin' ridiculous. the pictures are still amazing though... nice breast lifts with no scars!
My first implant was done at 26 and after my daughter was born 5 years later l had no trouble breastfeding her, but at 52 l needed a lift with a change of implants and l love it best decision ever. it depends if you experience back problems or other problems you should consider a lift and with your surgeon, you could discuss the incision type that would be most suitable for you. best of luck!!
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