No Result on Pores, Wrinkles or Texture and VERY Painful

Very painful, a loooong recovery and no result.....

Very painful, a loooong recovery and no result...Could have had a lot more fun with the money. DOT Laser for texture, large pores and wrinkles.

After almost 4 months I see NO change, but I have a lot of lovely outbreaks and deep zits at age 51....


I had 4 treatments total $2k. 1 yr. later, have holes that fill w/ oil & still face/slt-wrinkles look same & worse in other places. This uses light to cut hole columns then goal is to hope space fills w/ skin to tighten. My skin had 'no pits' but now need makeup. This procedure stimulates oil glands to. Always deal'g w/ greasy look'g forhead. I'm not sure how you find an expert. I went to a surgeon's ofc. 1 yr later I have track-marks & hm peels seem to be help'g. Anyone post'g should add date. Can't tell who's on 1st! 8/2010
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Sorry for your poor results. But again, I continue to say ASK FOR a GUARANTEE!If no result than a partial refund. Only 64% were satisfied or 36% were unsatisfied or 2 out of 3 would recommend this treatment. Not great odds but acceptable. From MIAMI Dr. B
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I just had the Smartxide Dot done last Tuesday and already my skin is nothing like everything I heard it would be like. My skin was red/burning the night I had it done, but after that it faded. Now it is Sunday and most of my skin is all peeled but it only peeled in the shower. I didn't have none of the "symptoms" the doctor said. He said my face would peel, kind like a sunburn, but the only time it felt like a sunburn was the night after I got it done. I am still waiting to see if my skin improves throughout the next week, but I'm feeling not satified either. I too had this done for scars and the doctor said "we can take care of that, no problem". Well, I still have the scars and even some simple red areas aren't gone. Does this take longer for some people than others to see results? I've heard so many people rave about it so that's why I spent all my tax return money that I was going to use for other (probably more important) things. I feel the pain in my heart to think I've been screwed out of all that money for nothing, again, and the first time was when I had dozens of microdermabrasions done, that was a joke. I even researched Smartxide Dot before having it done and saw the odds (that you pointed out) so I thought this is the best thing that would work for me... I was wrong. If you have any suggestions for me, I'm all ears. If I wouldv'e thought about the guarantee thing a week ago, I don't think I would have had it done.
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