No Problem w/CoolSculpting - Rochester, NY

I have my tummy done yesterday. I almost canceled...

I have my tummy done yesterday. I almost canceled because of the reviews on here. I had no problem, fell asleep and had no pain taking the device off. I am slightly swollen and a bit numb. Because of the reviews, I took a compression garment with me and have had no problems. Every once in a while I feel a little sting but nothing that would keep me from work. I walked on the treadmill lastnight and slept fine. Hopefully it stays this way and all goes well for the next week or so.

I am at day 4 and have little to no swelling and...

I am at day 4 and have little to no swelling and very little pain when I push on the area.
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Would love to see pics.
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Who is you doctor I live in rochester too
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Ann Marie Ebling at Rochester Dermatology Associates.
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Hi there, are you male or female? I live in Rochester as well, where did you get the procedure done? Any results since March ? Thx !!
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Since my day 4 update there were changes. I did go thru the shocking pain which lasted about a week. I still worked, it wasn't that unbearable, but then I have a high pain tolerance. I have seen a pretty decent result from the cool sculpting. I had mine done at Rochester Dermatology Assoc. I thought that was the only place in ther area. Where was yours done? BTW, I'm a 55 yr old female.
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