Still Too Large After Surgery?

Just went thru surgery a week ago, and I am a...

Just went thru surgery a week ago, and I am a little worried. I'm not sure of my size beforehand, maybe 38 DD. My insurance company was requiring my doctor to take off 850 grams per side, so her original estimate was that I would end up a large B. Now, looking at myself I do not think I am any smaller than a D. This is upsetting to me because I still feel I am too big - ideally I would like to be a mid-size C. Also my breasts still feel very heavy.

I'm sure once the swelling goes down I will be smaller, but will I still be big? Is the heavy feeling normal? When I tried weighing my breasts before the surgery, they were each about 5 pounds, if the scale could be believed. Did my doc not remove enough??

I spent so much time before surgery worrying I would be too small that I did not even consider I might be too BIG. And I would rather be a B than a D! What am I to do if I'm still left with large, heavy breasts? Continue wearing expensive bras that leave shoulder grooves? Get surgery AGAIN? Help!

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Sometimes she seems moody and unwilling to answer questions and concerns.

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I know this was written so long ago but I just had a surgery 3.5 weeks ago. In addition, i had a breast abscess (severe infection) and the surgeon had to cut me open to drain about the blood and puss (which she did with NO numbing). I was about a DDD before as well and am now about a high c or low d. I am obssessed with boobs now and feel SO SAD about my results. It is nice to know that others feel what I am feeling but it is really hard. Did your boobs go down in size?
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Your concerns are way too early after only one week...It took many many weeks for the swelling and heaviness to go away.
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I had surgery about 8 weeks ago and when I read what happened to you I thought what you wrote was me. I am experiencing the same thing and can not find any answers, not my doc either. He told me to go off the pill to help. Now I am still too big, nipples too big, and lopsided. ANy thoughts?
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