So since I was about 18 my breast have been pretty...

So since I was about 18 my breast have been pretty large. At the moment I am able to fit into a 40DD bra however when going by online measurement tips I should be a 40G. I have been obsessing over this website for a couple of weeks. I have two consultations scheduled the first is on 6/25 and the second is 7/2. I have a high deductible plan w bcbs in NY. When I called BCBS today they said approval or denial takes about 3-5 business days. I have decided that even if I am not approved (a little worried they may tell me to lose weight) that I am just going to finance it with care credit. I've been to chiropractors and even bought an expensive mattress thinking that the mattress I had was causing the problem. It wasn't until a conversation I had with my sister that she pointed out why I was having these issues. I just thought back pain was a part of getting older. I went to the store today to pick out a couple of bras to see what size I may want to be. I'm thinking a full c. I have already lost 11 pounds and I am hoping to lose at least another 20 before surgery. My boss had the procedure done and said it was the best thing she ever did. I am so tired of my chest being in the way. Even when I go get massages it's I comfortable because I have to lay on my chest. Well I will update once I have returned from my first consultation.
Welcome to the community girlie.

I am happy to hear that you are scheduled for 2 consults.  I highly recommend 2-3 before making a decision on a surgeon.  Insurance can be a touchy thing with a BR.  What one company will cover, another one may not.   This is a life changing event so keep moving forward and all will work out.  

You are doing a great job with the weight loss so keep up the good work.  You are going to feel so amazing when this is done.
Thank you so much. I have learned a lot from this website. I look forward to the support and great advice.
Dont ever give up Insurance has a tendency to deny people so they give up I was denied I to was DD-DDD was bigger never properly measured I Hung over under and out the sides. I appealed sent in my information they needed to prove it was medical necessity!!! I to have been to chiropractors for several decades!!!!! I am two months post opt!! You can call your insurance to ask them If your Plan covers breasts reductions if they say YES ask them what is the criteria needed. If they say only if medically necessity ask them what criteria needs to be met. THATS WHAT I DID I pay my premiums I had been on the phone bugging them for three months I got it overturned in my favor I am proud to be two months post opt. I never paid a penny!! Good Luck on your journey

Tired of carrying these things around

ok so this is a little awkard posting pics of myself. But its the pictures that others posted along their journey that helped me so I should pay it forward. I like to look around to see who I match close with and see their journey and their size.
I'm playing the insurance waiting game...good luck!
I think that I'm just going to schedule my appointment at the same time and put down the deposit. If insurance comes back denying it I am going to pay out of pocket and just fight to seek reimbursement later. I'm too anxious to go through this for months on end. Luckily I have care credit. Good luck to You as well!
I don't even have the funds to go out of pocket. If denied I give up. It's probably just not for me.

Back from first consultation

So.. I have literally been waiting like a kid waiting for Christmas day. My 1st consultation! It was a mix of emotions. So as suspected I am a DDD-E cup not the DD I have been wearing. The doctor explained to me the way in which he does his incisions which is the anchor method without the line going down (so just the U part). He would bring me down to a small c- mid c.

I am currently 5'7 236. Bringing me down to a C slightly concerns me. Over the past 3 weeks I have lost 13 pounds because I would like to lose as much as possible before surgery. (At least another 30 by mid August. He told me he did not want me to lose anymore weight. That is not really flying with me. He is concerned with how much he will need to remove and insurance etc.. So he does not think insurance approval will be an issue even at my weight.

I wanted to set up a surgery date upon leaving because even if insurance denies at first I will pay the $6,000 out of pocket and appeal w insurance later. I know I have had the boobs forever and should not be in a rush but when I want something I want it now and I have a vacation coming up on 10/17 to Universal Studios so I want to feel my best.

Surgery Dates:
He performs surgery every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. My goal was late July or Early to Mid August so that I have time to heal before vacation. He suggested 7/29 well I know it is silly but I have front row seats to see Drake in concert on 8/12 and I am not giving that up. So I don't think two weeks is an appropriate amount of time to be jumping around at a concert.

Next up 8/12 well no (see previous reason)

Next up 8/26. My brother's birthday. My brother passed away two years ago so I do not feel right having surgery on his birthday. Not to mention the docs office is right next to the funeral home where my brother's viewing was. So that was tough to deal with. Secondly I don't want to risk going on vacation about 6 weeks later and not be properly healed. Also I am in accounting so that is a bad time to be out of work.

So I think all those things combined is a sign not to have him do the surgery. I have another consultation next wed.

So yay as I was writing this the surgery scheduler from the second consultation called me back and said that this doctor does his surgeries on Thursdays and August would be wide open because he has not done his August schedule yet. She said 8/14 won't be an issue. That makes me feel so much better. I have also heard great things about him as well.

So I will update next Wed with my consultation from him.
Good luck with your decision. My decision came down to two different surgeons that work in the same office. The one I choose could do it before the end of last year and I would not have to pay my deductible again. I couldn't make up my mind as both seemed like great surgeons. I am similar in size as you. I wore a 38DDD, but I am sure should have been much bigger. I measured 34" around the rib cage and 49" around the bust. PS suggested a large C, small D for my size, and even thought that after the surgery was complete. I am a 36/38DD but a huge difference! I was quite nervous to be a C cup as I plan on losing weight. I am thrilled my size and shape. Take a look at my profile and photos. Hope they are helpful for you. The horizontal incision going down to the anchor incision is not a big deal and now barely noticeable. I wish you the best of luck!
Thank you for easing my mind. I will take a look at your profile although I think I've stalked them all lol

Just a quick note about work yesterday

So around 2pm my back started to ache so bad. I was at my chair just leaning back to try to relieve some of the ache. I stood up and dropped my entire upper part of my body to the ground to try to crack it. I just sat at my desk and cried. I can't wait for the day I can read this entry and look back and say "boy I am so happy I don't have that problem anymore.
I was approved guys! NOW onto the next hurdle.....overcoming my fear of being put to sleep
Congratulations!! :-) well I've been talking to a lot of people about that because I have never been hospitalized or put under. Everyone says ask for or they should give you an anti anxiety pill before. Once you are put under they say you literally fall asleep and wake up in recovery and you'll feel like it happened in minutes and won't remember a thing. I just think of the final outcome. Try to remember these surgeons do this all the time you will be fine.

2nd consultation

So today was my second opinion/ second consultation. Boy am I glad I had a second opinion. Something with the first doctor didn't sit right with me. I am the type of person that's wants it yesterday. If you are like me I would highly recommend setting up at least 2-3 consultations very close to each other. I met with
Dr. Timothy P. O'connor, MD with The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester. Really nice guy. He said he will aim for a D cup which is what I am going for. He also told me that I should lose as much weight as possible before surgery. This was a complete difference from the last doctor who told me he didn't want me to lose any weight and wanted to hack me down to a small C. Well at 5'7 235 I don't think that's going to look ok. So I will be setting my surgery date when his assistant returns Monday. His August schedule is wide open so I'm planning on Aug 21st. He said he will submit to insurance and excellus takes about a week,

Type of procedure

I forgot the most exciting part. Dr O'connor decided that I would be an excellent candidate for the lollipop incision. This means that I will only have the incision around my nipple and down to the ribcage. I will not need the extra anchor scar. I'm excited about that. I will be doing more research on that as well.

Surgery Date scheduled for 8/21/14

So I got the call from the doctor that surgery is confirmed for 8/21. So excited. I still have not heard back from insurance. The paperwork was submitted today and she said that takes about a week. Either way I am getting it done. If I am denied I will pay for it and appeal later. I can't go on vacation with these constant back and stomach pains. Does anyone else get stomach pains with their back pains??

Insurance approved!

Got the approval letter today! Wow the doctors assistant just submitted it on Thursday. I wasn't even expecting an answer that fast! Now the only thing I need to do is hang on for about 35 more days.
so pleased for you

Pre-Op Testing in the morning

Not much going on exactly two weeks from today is my surgery. I have my pre op testing today. I am so excited I hope these two weeks fly by.

7 days beofre surgery!

I am soooo ready. I am not one bit nervous but I am sure that will change on surgery day. I have never been in the hospital before. Pre op testing was a breeze and took about an hour. As time gets closer I cannot wait until the night before surgery I am tossing all of my bras :-) I also notice how much time I used to (and still do) spend time trying to find shirts that are higher to the neck and longer sleeve shirts. I am excited that I will not have to go on vacation feeling crappy about what shirt I am going to wear. I hope this week flies by. Next update will be when I am out of recovery. I am staying the night in the hospital so I will let you know how it goes later that day or night depending on how I feel.
Here is just something to think about.....what do you typically weigh? Do you go up and down or do you stay around where you are now? The reason I say this is one of my really good friends went from her typical weight of 155 (5'5") to 125 pounds before surgery on the advise of her surgeon to lose as much as she could prior to surgery! Well she had been 155 for almost her entire adult life. The surgeon brought her down from a DDD to a Large C but following surgery she gained the weight back and gained in her breasts. She is now a DD and once again unhappy. My surgeon said he wanted to operate on me at my typical weight and I had to understand that if I lost I might go down a little more and if I gained weight I may gain in my breasts. This was determined by the composition of breast tissue. If my breasts were composed of more fatty tissue they will go up and down with weight. If it was more breast tissue then fatty tissue they would stay closer to their size. Hope this makes sense. The short version of this is....have him go a little smaller so that if you gain any weight back over the years it won't leave your breasts bigger than you want them to be. My friend is considering paying for a second reduction only 3 years after the first one. All my best to you! It's the best thing I've done for myself!
No my breast have been large since I was about 18. When I lost weight before they go down very slightly not enough to make a difference. It does make sense. I don't want to be stuck regretting it. A friend of my moms also said to go a little smaller. I wish there was a way to be sure but I def think that i will be going a little smaller I can always do push up or padded bras if needed. I would rather do that than wear compression bras. :-) thank you for your advice
That's funny....I had thought the same thing. If I needed a padded bra I would have been fine with that. :) Best if luck. I promise you won't regret this.

Less than 48 hours until I am on the other side!! ( ok I couldn't wait until after recovery to update)

Decided just to post what I want before surgery because feelings are very much a part of the process. AAHHHHH!!!! I can't wait! I've been flattening my chest in the mirror. In less than 48 hours the years of back pain will be gone (hopefully) and I will feel better about myself.

Step #1. I set up an appointment with a private trainer to develop a fitness plan for 5-6 weeks after surgery because I have some weight to lose. (My boobs aren't going anywhere don't worry). I plan on cutting up my bras tomorrow night. I went to Walmart and bought a front close Danskin exercise bra. Upon recommendation of others I also bought the Bali Comfort Bra. My husband asked today if I was "ready to get my boobs chopped off" you have no idea buddy!. I wonder how long I will need to wait after to have sex... A question I forgot to ask.
Hi Jem, I'll be thinking of you on Thursday and sending good vibes your way. Can't wait to see you on the other's awesome! My advise concerning the seatbelt....throw it behind you. If the cops stop you flash him your new boobies! :)
Thanks :-) I might get a ticket with the Franken boobs lol
No, he'll be in such shock he won't be able to write a ticket LOL! ;)

Day of surgery

Ok it's shortly after midnight. I was told an hour after I shower to wipe my chest with a Sage skin prep cloth which they provided me. My surgery time got pushed back to 1:30 grrr so I have to be there at 12. I got the entire house cleaned up this was there will be no cleaning for a while. I took some before pics. This will be my last update until I wake up and feel up to being on my phone. I imagine that once I get to the hospital I won't get a chance to update. I will be staying the night . My surgeon prefers that and I am happy he does. Before pics are attached. One is bigger than the other. It still doesn't feel like it's really going to happen. I will put the same tank top on after a week or two to see the difference.
Good luck today! I know that I can't wait to become a member of the IBTC!
good luck today! :)
Thank you! I am leaving for the hospital in 1/2 hour :-)

Waiting to go back to the OR

Just got my iv's. My mom and husband are waiting with me. Surgery a scheduled for 1:30 but is running a little behind. Still not nervous. Surgery is supposed to be 4 hours so I should be done around 6/6:30. I have ted stockings on and something massaging my legs. They gave me a blood thinner shot and start my fluids.
Praying for you

On the other side

Yay all done! I don't feel my chest is as heavy. Haven't really looked in the mirror i get dizzy when I stand up. I have private room so that's cool. I believe 650 CC was taken from each side. I finally got to eat and drink. Overall I feel good. The oxygen mask was the scariest part. Honestly I wasn't scared at all. As everyone said you just pass out and wake up in recovery. As soon as I can take pictures I will he said he was making me a full c small d which I am was fine with. He ended up doing the Inferior Pedical reduction
congratulations, i did not like the oxygen mask either but went under just as i was getting distressed. wishing you a recovery as good as mine
Can't wait to see congrats

They keep waking me up every two hours

I can't wait to get home already I can't get good sleep at the hospital. Anyways I had the nurse take some pictures. These were a few hours after surgery.
WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE ! You will be so happy you did this ! Just remember to REALLY REST and totally take it easy so that You'll heal ! Let us know how things are going !
Thank you so far so good I feel great.
Same here I was in panic mode. The sterile white room just was something out of a movie. Thank you for your advice and kind words :-)

2 hours post op

Before and after two hours post op

I will these before and after twice a week and update my review every week with them
I loved seeing the before and after photo it really shows the dramatic difference that we are all after. I will also be getting the lollipop procedure and hope for a D. I will look forward to your updates.
Great glad I could help! I will tell you my ribs are so sore and my throat. My boobs aren't bothering me much. I can't even imagine the kind of pain I would be in with the anchor. I promise to keep updating. This site was so helpful to me
Wow, what a difference! Congrats! Get some rest! :)

1st night home

Sleeping is rough. Laying on my back is tough because I am a side sleeper and my ribs kill me everytime I get up . Thank god I have a recliner in the bedroom looks like I'll be sleeping on that for the next week or two.
How long do you have to wear the ted hose? My PS prescribed them too. I'm two weeks away from waking up to smaller boobs!
They didn't make me go home with them I just wore them right before surgery until discharge. They took about 1.2 lbs from each side but I don't feel I look different. My mom said I do. It's just the swelling I guess. The two weeks will fly by fast. Just get everything done around the house you can and have everything in place to make sure you will be comfortable.
Thanks! I think I have almost everything ready!

First shower

These pics are prior to the first shower. I am 3 days post op. I feel great. When standing too long I get dizzy. My rib pain has significantly decreased. I highly recommend having a shower head that has a removable piece so that you can get all the spots you want. I was allowed to get my breast my breast wet since there are no drains. I feel nice and clean now. I only needed help with closing the bra. My boobs look so pointy lol I know that will change with time. I also put on a tank that I always wear and took a before and after and while I have no bra on in the first you can def see the difference.
Wow, you can reall sent the difference in the side view. You Look fantastic.

5 days post op.

Hurts to bend over. Have to hold boobs in place. Sick of wearing the bra all the time but I know it's key to recovery so I give myself a five minute break a couple times a day. Showered last night and almaot passed out. I highly suggest having someone there while you shower. I always make sure my husband is in the next room in case I need him. I just want to scratch so bad but again I am being good. I have to remember to pick up some Benadryl. Last but not least although the pictures show a complete difference why don't I look in the mirror and see it? I measured my chest and it's still the same. Yes I know there is "swelling" but I don't feel swollen. I'm just a mess of emotions I hope that's normal. I have not has back pain at all though so that's a huge plus and I def see the perkiness.
you look great and i love the smaller nipples. i think you probably made the same mistake as me and measured pre op with your breasts lying against your chest, instead of leaning forward???? between that and "porn star" post op boobs that are swollen and high, i can understand that the measurement is little different. the photos say very different!!! you are right to take the bra off twice a day and air everything, but if the bra is really uncomfortable, then it is the wrong one for you. swelling can be eased a lot by taking bromelain 3 - 4 times a day between meals. everyone has bad days, you will feel much happier soon. someone else mentioned the pain meds, the sooner you get off them the better. most people don't need them by 5 days
I haven't taken pain meds since day 2 post op. The most painful part was the ribs. I don't like taking strong meds if at all possible. I did take them when I needed them although. I just miss taking my bra off at night that's all. Sleeping has gotten more comfortable with the 5 pillow thing you mentioned. I really can't complain I know it's way too soon to judge shape and size. I will try the bromelain today.
Well done on the pain meds. I have had this surgery twice and the first time I had really bruised ribs.

1 week post op appt

Everything went good. I can stop wearing the surgical bra and switch to a sports bra that's non-padded. I go back into weeks to talk about scar therapy. The Steri-Strips came off today. Just a little nervous that the one boob is still longer than the other but I know it's way too early. Today I feel great I feel like I'm the perfect shape so it's really a day by day thing.

Itching and shirt shopping

The itching is torture!! I've been taking Benadryl but it always makes me tired. Ugh I don't scratch but it's annoying. Nothing I can really do the steri strips aren't there. There is no rash or anything just a part of healing. So on a positive note I tried some shirts on today. I can't wait for all of you ladies who are awaiting your surgery to experience the day you can go shopping for shirts and not want to leave crying. It was an amazing thing. Now my stomach is another story but the second I am clear to excercise my trainer is ready to get me in the gym. I do notice that I have started to care more about my physical appearance and about the things I can do to make myself feel good about looking my best. I'm starting to feel better about the size he made me. So if I'm ok now with swelling still present and the future weight loss I know I will be happy.
you can get allergy pills that don't make you drowsy, maybe get advice from your pharmacist


This is really a rollercoaster I want to get off of lol. So today was not a good day. My breast are sensitive and painful today. At the very bottom where my drainage tubes were is a little bit of blood draining. Nothing I'm alarmed about but I have decided that even though I was told I could wear a sports bra I'm going back to my surgical bra. I just put it back on and I feel like it gives me more support. The Bali comfort bras were nice but I don't feel that I'm ready for that yet. Maybe I should get a smaller size of the Bali so that I am more compressed? My right nipple is oversensitive and my left is getting that way too. Anytime anything brushes it I itch. I have a journey ahead of me. I won't ask myself did I do the right thing because I know I did. Since the surgery I have been 100% free of back pain. That alone is all I need.
So happy to hear that your back pain is better! :)
Doing great and nothing unusual with where you are and what you are experiencing. Let everything air a couple of times a day and if the itching is a problem just take an anti allergy pill
I have some Zyrtec I'm going to try today and Benadryl at night

17 days post op. Checking in

The picture I am uploading shows the top at 1 weeks post op and the bottom is 17 days post op. I apologize I am a little angled in the bottom picture but as you can see swelling has gone down a lot. The skin between my breast is finally not tight anymore. I still have some trouble bending over. Finally I am able to somewhat sleep on my side. I don't think my scarring is going to be that bad. I would highly recommend skipping gauze pads and using maxi pads. They are great because the sticky part keeps it in place in your bra. I had a little leaking and had to start putting them in my bra.
wow, big reduction in the swelling and looking great

Checking in 25 days post op

Feeling great. Should be clear to excercise at my next post op 1 1/2 weeks from now. Made a
Couple of new pics for you to see. Not one day of back pain since surgery. Can this be my new life? I'm just waiting for the back pain to kick in. Such a relief. It's amazing how much time I used to spend putting shirts on and stretching the chest out. Also on hot summer days I would come home and wet a paper towel with alcohol to run around my chest because of the sweating. I feel like the doctor made me the perfect size for me. Final bill ended up being $1800 (high deductible) but worth every penny. The part of the breast where the drain was taken out seems like it's finally closing up. I think it should be completely closed within a week. I am able to sleep on my side comfortably yay!
Looking better and better each time. I'm glad you are able to sleep on your side now. I am also a side sleeper. I have my pads ready!
Who knew you could take side sleeping for granted! Just another note panty liners work awesome too for when there is not a lot of leakage. Non scented of course.

Checking In :-)

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to check in I know it has been a while and I did not want to abandon anyone. Well here I am roughly 1 1/2 months later. I feel excellent! I started my exercise program last week and I feel great. I have no "zingers" as other have called them or sharp shooting pains. I have not done any scar therapy yet because I just can't remember to do that everyday. Quite frankly I could care less about scarring. I tried on some lingerie the other night and my breast actually fit perfectly in them and they are so perky! I am happier than I have ever been. I feel normal. So was it worth it? Absolutely. The area where my drains were have closed up. I was concerned about that before. My doctor has been pretty good. Not much else to report! I will take pictures every month or so and update.
Dr. Timothy P. O'connor, MD

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