Poor Result from Neck Liposuction Procedure

I had neck lipo almost a year ago and the result...

I had neck lipo almost a year ago and the result is worse than my original issue which was simply a round fullness from my chin to neck. The surgeon tried ultrasound, steroid injections to try to remove the lump behind my chin, to no avail and kept saying "be patient"...full results take 6 months to a year. He finally admitted, after my Husband made an issue of the problem, that the result is not desirable, but made no explanation as to the reason(s)for the uneven, corded and lumpy appearance.

He did initially offer to do a full neck lift revision for $900 additional, but that suddenly doubled when he later said the surgery was 2.5 hours and an anesthesiologist would be required.

My husband is insisting that I get at least one more opinion on the cause of my poor outcome and demand more accountability from the surgeon that did the original procedure. I have been very self-conscious and disappointed and have reservations about allowing the original surgeon "try" to revise the results. HELP !

WOW! My sister is in Roanoke and has already scheduled her appt for surgery! I am terrified she might have your surgeon! Can you tell me who your dr was?
One of the biggest factors in having any type of surgery or invasive medical procedure done is trust in the surgeon and faith they can/will do a good job. You have neither. Moreover, you have already experienced your current surgeon's appalling aftercare and disregard for your concerns. After messing it up the first time and only responding when your husband stepped in to make an issue of it, I cannot understand why you would ever put yourself in the position of letting this man touch you again. If you want to make an issue out of the surgeon's liability for the bad outcome then that is one thing, but for any revision please find someone who listens to you and that you trust. It might cost you more to have a new surgeon correct it but I think it would be much more beneficial to you than any 'freebie fix up' from your current surgeon. TAKE YOUR TIME. Do not rush into anything. Get several opinions and ask lots of questions before you make a decision about what you want to do. Good luck. Cheers
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Lost interest in following my case. Had to bring poor results to his attention. Offered no explanation as to why results were poor and 8 months were allowed to pass without effective intervention. Charged for initial ultrasound treatments, then claimed nurse had Ultrasound machine on "wrong setting" and offered the balance for free, but offered no refund. Charged 30 dollars for new chin strap when I misplaced the first.

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